Protecting Sparrow (Prey Security #4) Read Online Jane Blythe

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Grief is all that’s stopping this friendship becoming more.
When Sparrow Oswald’s helicopter is shot down in Africa the last person she expects to come to her rescue is her old friend Ethan Zimmerman. She’d love for there to be more between them but he’s not over his wife’s death. As they work together to find who is using Ethan’s plane to smuggle drugs the spark between them grows. Only question is will Ethan do anything about it.
Ethan isn’t looking to move on. He’s already loved and lost and no way is he willing to open his heart up to let it happen again. But when he and Sparrow are kidnapped by a drug trafficking warlord and have only each other to rely upon he can’t deny that feelings he didn’t want are there nonetheless and they’re growing. He’s going to have to look at his life and decide what he wants his future to look like, only by the time he makes those decisions it might be too late.



January 18th

8:48 P.M.

It was every pilot’s worst nightmare.

Sometimes it didn't matter how good you were at flying—and Sparrow Oswald was one of the best, a member of the Air Force’s elite Nightstalkers—the ability to remain in the air was taken out of your hands.

As she fought with the controls, doing what she could to get the damaged Black Hawk to the ground in a way that didn't kill all of them on board, she thought of her family. She’d been excited to be heading home in the morning for a full month of leave before she deployed again. It had been months since she’d last been home. She’d only met her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Olivia, once in person, and hadn't had a chance yet to actually see and hug her niece, Cleo, who had been missing for a decade before being found late last year.

Now, she was never going to get that chance.

Although she was giving it everything she had, Sparrow already knew that the helicopter had been too badly damaged by the missile that had hit it for her to be able to land safely.

It would be a miracle if any of them survived the impending crash.

Her co-pilot knew it too, although just as she was, he was doing everything he could to try to abate some of the damage and get them down in a way that at least gave them all a shot at surviving.

They were currently above the Goda Mountains of Djibouti, returning from a classified mission, she hadn't been expecting any trouble. It was supposed to be a simple flight back to Camp Lemonnier, where she would spend the night before heading back to New York in the morning.

The excitement about seeing her family that she had been feeling just minutes ago had turned into a deep sense of despair, but she kept it hidden from the seven men on board. Sparrow was tiny, not quite five feet tall, and being a woman in a predominantly man’s world meant she had to fight to earn the respect her fellow Nightstalkers were given automatically. One thing she had learned early on when she joined the Air Force was to never let them see you sweat. People were much more likely to think you were capable and competent if you acted like you were capable and competent.

So that was what she was doing right now.

The ground was quickly coming up to meet them. She could smell smoke from the damage the missile had caused. She hadn't known until it was too late that someone was firing at them, and she had no idea who that someone was or why they would be shooting at her helo.

What she did know was that she would do her best to attempt to save these men’s lives. They were good men, the SEAL team had been kind and respectful, probably in part because of who her family was. The Oswalds were well known in military circles. Her oldest brother Eagle had been a SEAL, next brother Falcon had been in Delta Force, and younger brother Hawk was an Army Ranger. Besides that, she and her five siblings owned one of the best security and black ops companies in the world, Prey Security.

Not that she threw around her family name to garner respect she hadn't earned. Sparrow wanted to be respected because she was good at what she did, not because of her last name.

Still, as good as she was, she wasn’t good enough to get this helicopter down without them all dying.

Accepting this, she yelled to the others, “Brace for impact.”

Not a single person hesitated to obey, they all trusted her to do her best, while she felt the same acceptance that none of them were walking away from this alive.