Palace of Betrayal (Women of Deception #1) Read Online Maddie Wade

Categories Genre: Romance Tags Authors: Series: Women of Deception Series by Maddie Wade

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Bebe is a beautiful and deadly killer, but she was born a saviour baby.

Going undercover to save the world with a prince seemed like an easy job for assassin Bebe Basu, but she never expected to find the man who could give her the one thing she never dared dream of a family.
Now a member of Zenobi, an all-female assassin group, she and four of her sisters in arms are tasked with going undercover to stop a global disaster.
Working with Crown Prince León Cataleya, she must protect the Tanzanite Tears gemstone from an unknown enemy within the palace who will use it to enter an illegal auction. If they succeed, they will hand over the Tanzanite to The Collector in exchange for bidding on technology that could disrupt world security and cause catastrophic consequences.
As every corner becomes more rampant with danger, León and Bebe must use every skill and wit to stop the auction and discover who the traitor is before it’s too late.
With every bullet and secret exposed, the connection between León and Bebe grows, and the fake relationship that got them into this suddenly feels very real.
When Bebe realises, she has fallen for the unattainable prince; she knows the only way to ensure the mission is a success is to risk it all. The alternative is to live knowing that she failed her blood sister and the sisterhood who saved her when her family abandoned her.
Can the Crown Prince and the assassin truly make a future together?



“Belladonna, duck!”

Bebe reacted, dropping to her haunches as the fourth man she was fighting threw a blade straight for her heart. Then, spinning on the balls of her feet, she swung low and took out the legs of the third man with a sweep of her leg. He hit the ground hard; the wind knocked from his lungs with the force.

With no time to think, she reacted on instinct, jumping lithely to her feet and blocking a strike coming from the man who’d missed with the knife. Her forearms took the brunt of the blow as she spun underneath his arm, landing an elbow strike to the back of his head. He fell, his face hitting the side of the coffee table as he went down.

“Stay the fuck down.” Her breathing heaved, her blood pumping adrenalin through her body and it felt damn good.

Finally having a second, she drew her weapon, a 9mm Glock 19 and her personal favourite, on the two men on the ground at her feet and turned to Lili with a smile. “Thanks, Wolfbane.”

Lili, her dark hair wild around her face, grinned as she pushed the man at her feet back to the ground with her scuffed biker boot. “No problem, this felt good.”

Bebe nodded in agreement, flicking her ponytail out of her face. “Yeah, it’s always good to take out assholes like these.”

Walking around the four men groaning in pain from the beating they’d just taken, she searched them for weapons, checked their pockets for any surprises, and when she found none, cuffed them with cable ties. Lying on their bellies with their arms behind them, they looked like the weak and pathetic men they were. It would do them good to feel as vulnerable as the girls they’d victimised.

“You got this while I call it in?”

Bebe waved a hand for Lili to go ahead. “Sure.”

Lili left the living room of the grand house in Surrey to call in their location to their boss, Roz. Bebe looked at the four men on the expensive cream carpet who’d been grooming young girls and selling them to the highest bidder. Her disgust for men like these was only surpassed by her anger that they’d gotten away with it for so long.

Asaf, the leader, looked at her from the ground where he lay, hatred in his cold, dark eyes.

“You’ll die for this.”

His accent was thick from his pain, and Bebe didn’t feel an ounce of sympathy for him. She crouched beside him and grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling it back until he hissed in pain, hatred on every muscle of his face. “You know, Asaf, bigger, and I must say better, men have tried and yet here I am and there you are. So, stop embarrassing yourself and shut up. You’re going to jail where I’ll make sure they know exactly what kind of man you are. We both know men like you don’t do well in prison.”

Watching him pale almost made her smile. What stopped her was the thought of these men’s victims and the very real battle they faced to have a somewhat normal life after what these animals had done to them.

Lili stepped back inside. “Authorities are on their way.”

Bebe heard sirens in the distance at the announcement. The police had been hunting these guys for a while. Now they had them and the evidence to put them away for a very long time. “Time to go, boys. Enjoy prison.”