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I’m the fun one. The loud one. The overly opinionated one with no filter.
I’ve been unapologetically me since day one, and it hasn’t been easy.
Kicked out of my home when I was sixteen, I chose to be alone rather than not be my true self.
I found my family now and a job I love. I have everything, and yet . . .
I’m still an outcast in so many ways.

I’m not fun. I’m far too quiet. I keep to myself.
I don’t really have a reason for it. I had a loving family who was loud enough for me to fade into the background.
And then, I stumbled into a friendship with the boldest human I’ve ever met.
Beautiful and strong. He confuses me. He challenges me. He makes me want to come out of the shadows and discover who I want to be.
He may have been shunned by his family, but they didn’t deserve him.
Hayden was meant to shine—not to be cast out by anyone. He makes the world brighter, and not even I can resist it.



“What about this one?” I stare at the navy-blue polo Tristan holds up and try my best to be patient with the poor man. Because while anything will look good on him, he dresses so boring. When he should be bold. Bright and beautiful.

That’s what Tristan is, even if he doesn’t know it, which he clearly doesn’t. Even if he rarely smiles and is usually wearing all black. He always has that serious expression and isn’t really a talker. “Ummm.” I cock my head to the side, still trying to find something to say.

“Boring.” He tosses it to the bed and then flops down on it, raising his muscular, tattooed arms up to cover his face with his big hands.

Jesus. The man is walking porn. And again, he has no clue. He doesn’t see the women—and some men—in this town fawning over him all the time. I can’t prove this, but I swear some of the so-called “accidents” reported to the Sheriff’s Office over the years have been fabricated in the hopes of the oh-so-handsome Officer Tristan McKay coming to rescue them. I mean, come on. Two weeks ago, one woman called to report a possum on her back porch.

And Tristan came running, like the hero he is. But said possum was suspiciously already gone by the time he arrived. Explain that to me.

I see you, Mrs. Henderson.

And okay, the first time I spent a little alone time with Officer McKay was when he was pulling my car out of a ditch. I can confirm that was an actual accident, and I wasn’t trying to get him to come to my rescue. But damn, once I heard that hearty laugh he’d hidden away until then and was able to look into those sparkling eyes of his, I was hooked. And I’ll admit I’ve considered faking a small incident once or twice since then.

But maybe the accident fraud isn’t necessary because here I am, in his cabin on the lake, helping him go through his very limited wardrobe selection. Of course, I’m doing this because he has a date tonight.

With a friend of mine.

But it’s okay. It’s totally fine. I’m going to help him pick out a great outfit with some decent color. He’ll go on a date with Tammy, fall in love—because she’s amazing, and I honestly mean that—and they’ll live happily ever after.

While I die alone.

It’s totally fine.

Shut. Up. It is.

I sit on the edge of his bed, which is a modest queen size, neatly made with a black comforter. “We’ll find something.”

“I’m pretty sure I’m going to die alone, and Amanda should just let that happen.” I laugh when his words match my inner thoughts about myself as he groans about his sister—who owns a resort out here in the Lake of the Ozarks and has also formed a quick, inseparable friendship with Tammy.

“Now, that would be a tragedy. You’re a catch.”

He drops his hands from his face and sits up. “I don’t even know Tammy. At all. What the hell was Amanda thinking, setting us up?”

I guarantee Tammy couldn’t give a fuck about not knowing him because she has eyes in her head, and the man is droolworthy. He’s well over six feet tall with dark hair that he keeps trimmed and neat. His skin is naturally tanned by spending as much time as he can outside, and he’s tattooed and muscular. Not an ounce of fat on him but also not stupid bulky.

In short, he’s perfect. And he’s as straight as fuck. Story of my life.

Tristan isn’t someone who really gets to know anyone. He usually keeps to himself, unless he’s out on patrol. Even then, I’m pretty sure he curses when he’s forced into human interaction. “She was thinking that Tammy’s awesome.” I laugh to myself because I know that Amanda is fairly obsessed with Tammy and has plans to get her in the family. She’s already married these two in her head and has two-point-five nieces and nephews with the white-picket fence and everything.