Out of the Fire (Royal Bastards MC – Liverpool England #2) Read Online Jessica Ames

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I’m Angel, the President of the Royal Harlots MC. My role is clear: take care of my club sisters and help defend our brothers in the Royal Bastards when needed.

When women start to go missing off the streets of the city, it takes the joint resources of both our clubs to find out why.
I never expected a Private Investigator to get in my way.
Joel is working on this case too. I want to protect him, just as much as he wants to protect me, but there is nowhere we can hide from the danger that is coming. All I can hope is that we both survive the oncoming storm.

*This book contains upsetting themes. It is a crossover between Royal Harlots MC and Royal Bastards MC





My stomach twists at the sound of my dad’s raised voice echoing through the house. I clutch my teddy bear tighter to my chest as elastic bands tighten around my ribs. It’s always been like this, for as long as I can remember. My father comes home smelling of beer, with the devil in his eyes. As soon as he walked through the door tonight, Mum mouthed one word at me: “Hide.”

I peer down at my teddy. It’s old and missing an eye, but holding it keeps me grounded. I’m too old for it. I’m ten. Next year I go to high school, and I should have outgrown these “childish desires,” as my father calls them.

A loud bang is followed by the sound of something breaking. I flinch as a scream rips through the air. I’ve not seen my father this angry for a long time. This is different than usual.

“Mum…” I whisper to the empty room, when a piercing cry fills the air. Tears track down my cheeks as I stand on shaking legs.

I fight the urge to go to her. I should make sure she’s all right, but my feet stay rooted to the ground. If I go out there, I will be beaten too. I still might anyway.

I scramble under the bed, my heart hammering in my chest. There are no monsters to fear under here. I live every day with a real one.

I try to make myself as small as possible as I listen to the sounds of my mother being beaten. I cover my ears, trying to block out the horror, but I can still hear the groans of pain, the pleas to stop.

Then there’s silence.

That’s scarier than the noise. I hold my breath as I hear footfalls outside my door.

No, please, no.

A whimper leaves my mouth as the handle is yanked up. I can see his feet as he moves towards the bed, and I can smell the beer that seems to seep from his very pores. My heart races as I close my eyes, praying he won’t find me.

“Get out here, you little bitch.”

I try to grip the leg of the bedframe as his hand wraps around my ankle. He’s too big. Too strong. He pulls me out like I’m a rag doll and lifts me to my feet, shaking me.

His anger is unbridled. It’s like looking into the centre of a volcano that has already erupted and is spewing magma everywhere. It feels like the worst of it should be over, but this is just the prelude to the final event.

I snatch free from his hold and try to dart around the bed, but he grabs me by a fistful of hair, dragging me back. I want to scream as my scalp burns with each pull. Tears prick my eyes, but I don’t let them fall. My father will beat me worse if he sees them.

He drags me into the living room and tosses me to the floor. I can hear my mother sobbing behind me, pleading for me, but there’s no rescue from this. Even if she could protect me, he wouldn’t allow it. He would just beat me worse, and she knows it.

I risk a quick glance in her direction and see the blood coating her face, matting her hair. There are bruises already forming on her skin, particularly around her throat. Finger marks.

Our eyes connect, and for a moment, it feels like I’m free-falling. I can see the fear and hurt there—both for me and herself.

Without warning, his fist lashes out and slams into the side of my face with enough force to make me sprawl. I taste blood, the coppery tang of it coating my tongue. My head feels like it’s been rattled with enough force to dislodge my brain. He grabs me by the neck and pulls me to my feet. “You’re just like your mother! Fucking useless. Don’t know why I keep you both around.”

Then let us leave…

My head screams the words that refuse to fall from my lips.