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One Hot Doctor - Love on Fire

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Sarah J. Brooks

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I’m on a mission to have a baby – but I didn’t expect my new fertility doctor to be the man who broke my heart so many years ago.
Thomas and I seemed to be your favorite fairytale love story, until he left me without a single word and crushed my heart to pieces.
Seems like he wasn’t exactly relationship material. But I’ve never stopped dreaming of becoming a mom.
A few years later I give up on the male of the species and decide to go the artificial route. And then meet Thomas, my old lover and new fertility doctor!
An Adonis in a white coat, walking around swinging his stethoscope. What he did to me was unforgivable. Or so I thought.
I mean, Dr. Clarkson is still my enemy. But he can give me the baby I’ve always dreamed of. Yet he has one condition: He wants to do it the old-fashioned way!
Well, this could be one hell of a second chance. But can I really trust that Thomas has changed his ways forever?
****"One Hot Doctor" is a stand-alone second chance romance, between enemies who become lovers, with a baby surprise and a guaranteed HEA you don't want to miss! No cheating. No cliffhangers. Includes a preview of "One Hot Daddy".
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Sarah J. Brooks

Chapter 1


“Can we talk?” Cora asks as we burst into her apartment after a heavy kissing session in the elevator.

Talking is the last thing on my mind. Besides, I know what Cora wants to talk about. A baby. She’s been obsessing over it for the last three weeks. I’ve been hinting at her to drop it, but she’s either ignoring me, or she’s decided to pressure me until I agree. No chance.

I take her hand and lead her into the bedroom. I shut the door, cup her perfect ass, and angle my mouth over hers. I consume her mouth with mine as she rocks against my cock. I growl into her mouth as pure, raw need grips me. Cora is easily the most passionate woman I’ve ever been with. She’s wild and uninhibited between the sheets.

“I want you naked.” I draw back and pop open the buttons of her blouse before pulling it over her head. I toss it to the floor before reaching behind Cora’s back to unclasp her bra. She shrugs it loose, and my breath hitches as I take in the sight of Cora’s full breasts.

“So beautiful.”

She cups her breasts together and offers them to me. I lower my mouth to take a nipple into my mouth. Cora moans softly, arches her back, and threads her fingers through my hair.

“Oh God, yes.”

I love the words that tumble out of Cora’s mouth. I love hearing her beg me to fuck her. No woman has ever inflated my ego as much as Cora does. She makes me feel like the best lover she has ever had.

I suck each of her nipples, eliciting soft cries from Cora. My cock throbs painfully in my pants, hard with want and desperate to be set free. I lower my head and trail kisses down her belly, inhaling her rosy, musky scent.

I tug at her sexy joggers and pull them down her firm, curvy hips. Cora’s life revolves around the gym, and her body shows it. She’s lithe and sexy, and she can contort her body in ways I’ve only ever seen in martial arts movies.

I’m hit by the scent of her arousal as she kicks off the joggers. I forget everything except my carnal need to taste her and lick her juices. I sink my face into her welcoming thighs and push my tongue between the folds of her pussy, nudging them apart. I flatten my tongue and drag it over her clit.

“Oh God, please, Thomas,” Cora screams.

I do this over and over again while pumping in and out with one finger. Slurping noises fill the room as I eat her pussy with abandon. Her pussy walls clamp around my finger, and Cora starts to whimper and pull my hair.

“I’m going to come.”

I lick her faster and faster and add a second finger, which topples her over the edge. I grin as Cora’s screams fill the air. It’s a good thing that she lives on top of the building, and the gym machines drown out her screams.

“My turn to take that big cock into my mouth,” Cora says, and I almost come in my pants.

She pushes me to the bed, and with my help, we pull down my pants and boxers. My cock springs free, and I lie back and close my eyes. Her hands run over my thighs, leaving heat everywhere they touch. I hiss when they wrap around the girth of my cock and then expertly begin to stroke up and down.

“So huge and beautiful,” Cora murmurs. She drops her hands to the base of my cock and runs her tongue up and down its length. I pump into her hand, impatient to feel the heat of her mouth wrapped around me.

“Want me to suck your cock, T?” Cora is the only person who shortens my name to T.

“Fuck yeah.” The words are barely out before she clamps her lips around my cock.

“Fuck, Cora!”

Nobody gives head like Cora. I clutch handfuls of her hair as her head bobs up and down, doing things to my cock that should be made illegal. I allow myself to revel in the sensations whirling around my body before gently lifting Cora off my cock.

“Turn around,” I tell her.

“I love it when you fuck me from behind,” Cora drawls, batting her eyelashes and staring at me with her gorgeous leaf-green eyes.

If only I were capable of deeper emotions, I’d have definitely fallen in love with Cora. She’s everything that a man would want in a woman. She’s sexy, passionate, loves fitness almost obsessively as I do, and likes to have fun. We just met at the wrong time.

“I know you do.”

She turns around, and I run a finger down her spine, all the way to the crack of her curvy ass. She pushes her ass into the air and shifts her legs further apart. I grip the base of my cock and guide it to the entrance of her pussy and slowly push it in. My groans are loud as I pull out and then ram into her again. I reach for her mass of red hair and pull it back.