Off-Limits Boss (A Grumpy Billionaire Romance #2) Read Online Courtney Sharpe

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He’s my fathers best friend
And supposed to be Off-Limits…
He’s the man I’ve always wanted and couldn’t have.
But I’m good at breaking the rules.
I’m forced to join the family business
Which places him within my reach
He’s a single dad and I could be the missing piece to their puzzle.
But him being my father’s best friend won’t make it easy
I’m getting to know him and falling harder
For him and his adorable daughter
We’re sharing secret kisses and it’s all fun and games
Until a hot fantasy starring him comes to fruition.
We can’t hide our feeling.
I’m caught in between my family and him.
And we have so much to lose.
I could disappoint my father or lose the man I crave.
Or worst… I could lose everything.


Chapter One

Jonathan is uncomfortable.

Sleep begs him to remain, but Jonathan can't cope with the discomfort. Slowly, he opens his eyes, and he sighs. The stark white ceiling stares back at him, and he can feel the strings of shame as he breathes through his mouth. The heat of the sun's rays spreads across his face and Jonathan holds in a grumble. He never leaves the curtains open, so who could have left them like that? The perpetrator yawns loudly beside him as she stretches, inching closer. Jonathan closes his eyes briefly as he feels his arm go limp with the perpetrator resting heavily on it. There is the faint smell of lilies but Jonathan remains unmoved.

The very distant sound of cars and a boisterous city reach his ears as he lays on the bed, considering his next move. The thought of his meeting in a few hours, however, prompts him to begin to move. Gently, he pulls his arm away from the woman beside him and rises slowly, a piece of clothing sliding to the ground as he does so. Naked from head to waist, Jonathan Wayle is a pleasant sight for sore eyes. At forty-three, his chest retains the firmness of a twenty-five-year-old athlete with bulging muscles and abs for days. His face glows with health and vitality while his hair, tousled from sleep, is streaked with gray strands. He catches a glimpse of himself in the glass that serves as the suite's walls. His blue eyes look tired, and his hair is scattered in different directions. Glancing at the pretty blonde, he grabs his phone off the floor and finds his way around the room and towards the kitchen area.

Bits and pieces of the conversation from the previous night assault Jonathan's mind, and he groans. Judging from the slight headache at the back of his head, she must have drugged him alongside his friend, Chad. Jonathan rolls his eyes as he reaches the kitchen counter and spots the coffee jug. It's been Chad's sole ambition to find Jonathan a woman and he has tried all sorts of women. Being a man of influence, Jonathan has always been able to persuade the women with either money or conversation, if needed. Last night, however, was a low moment. Although nothing happened, Jonathan wanted to be vulnerable with a woman. It has been ages since...

“I'll get her to leave,” Jonathan murmurs as he set about making himself coffee. Soon, the scent of coffee engulfs the kitchen. A loud buzz on the kitchen counter interrupts Jonathan's coffee time.

“Jonathan Wayle!”

“Jamie baby Wayle.” His daughter scoffs in her usual manner. It makes a smile spread on her father's lips as he pours himself a cup of coffee. Ever since she was born, Jamie Gwendolyn Wayle has brought Jonathan nothing but joy and laughter. As his only child, Jonathan makes sure she has everything she needs and more.

“I called you yesterday night! Why haven't you called me back? You know the rules, Mister Wayle.” Jonathan clears his throat, settling on a chair as he glances in the direction of his room, hoping his conversation will not be interrupted.

“I certainly do, Miss Wayle. I'm sorry. I must have been occupied. I just woke up, actually,” Jonathan apologizes. He can imagine his daughter's pouty face.

“If you say so. Anyways, when will you be back? My play is in two days and you swore you would attend,” she chirps. Jonathan sighs. This is the part of his job he doesn't like - being away from Jamie.

“I'll be back just in time, honey. Don't you worry about that, okay? Hold on, how come you are not in school yet?”

“I'm in the car. Pete is driving at the moment.”

“Switch to video call, please.” Jamie's blue eyes fill the large screen and Jonathan's face lights up at the sight of his daughter.

“Wow. You really just woke up,” Jamie chuckles, her hair bouncing in the background as she moves the camera around the car for her father to see.

“Did you have breakfast?”

Jamie rolls her eyes again. “I'm not five, Dad. I can take care of myself. Plus, Maria is on strict orders to feed me till I bleed as always, isn't she?” Jonathan chuckles, sipping his cup of coffee.