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Maleficium - Duo (Devil's Playground #2)

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Natalie Bennett

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Tragic and Twisted fall apart..
Ave Satanas worship or perish. The reckoning has begun.
In the Devil’s Playground morals have vanished, demons run rampant, and the death toll is rising.
The price of freedom looms closer than before, simply crown the king, claim a queen, and make idle work of the damned.
An ultimatum was given. Bounties have been placed.
The hunt has begun.
The devil wants his due, and Liliana just so happens to be exactly what he’s been waiting for.
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Devil's Playground Series by Natalie Bennett

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Natalie Bennett



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The moment we stepped outside, Kyrous kissed the back of Gracelyn’s hand, which was odd to me seeing as he didn’t give off that kind of sweet vibe at all.

And then he took off. He went right when we needed to go straight.

Like the map depicted, Maze of Mayhem was right behind us.


There was a small patch of grass, and then the entrance to another building.

“Where are you going?” Selena yelled after him.

He didn’t answer, continuing without a backyard glance.

“He’s going to find his brother,” Gracelyn replied softly.

“Poor bub,” Selena murmured, blinking away tears.

I frowned, watching his form grow smaller and smaller. I understood the reasoning behind it, but I thought Kyrous was smarter than this.

It was a suicide mission, and Ciaran was right. We were so close to the end. All we needed to do was make it through this maze to get to the manor. Maybe death would be waiting there, but at least we’d be going to greet it.

“Are either of you going to go after him?”

“He wouldn’t have wanted us to,” Maverick replied.

“And I’m not leaving you on your own,” Ciaran added, staring after his friend, his face clear of any emotion.

“I’m probably safer without you,” I mumbled.

“Yeah? You’re also dead.” He grabbed my hand and began to walk towards the next entrance, leaving the others to follow.

He hadn’t left my side once since we’d finished fooling around. He’d basically been my shadow, as if he thought I would run off or something now that I knew who he was.

He gave himself too much credit, but I wouldn’t deny I liked him being near me.

We stepped through a small opening and into a circular room made of nothing but stone. As the girls and Maverick followed, I looked around, taking note of the minor details.

There were no windows, and the only light came from dimly lit wall sconces. It was cool here, too.

Straight ahead was another narrow doorway, beyond it an inky darkness, the kind no one in their right mind would ever walk into. A stagnant smell emanated from within it.

“Look at the floor.” Mel pointed down at a large mural someone had painted.

“It’s like the image from the Visitor’s Center,” Selena said.

I had forgotten about that, but she was right. Only now, I noticed the demons were wearing masks, all of them different, still surrounding the naked girl. Ciaran set his eyes on the next riddle and wandered over to it, keeping hold of my hand.

“You’ve been trapped in a maze since you caught my eye.

Find your way out before you’re trapped for good.

Mystery, mayhem, darkness.

The Devil lurks on the other side,” Ciaran read.

“I think this is the most ominous one we’ve seen,” I mused.

“Maybe, but we can do this,” Mel avowed. “We’re not going to die here.”

She sounded so confident, a complete flip from the pessimist she tended to be.

I smiled at her, reaching for her hand. “It’s dark in there. Let’s form a chain until we know what we’re walking into.”

We moved into a formation of sorts.

I stayed with Ciaran, holding onto Mel now as well. Gracelyn and Selena followed, leaving Maverick at the end of our line.

Entering the darkness, I don’t think any of us knew what to expect. My eyes strained to adjust as the light fell away, but there was nothing to see but black. The walls were still stone, covered in what felt like moss as I brushed against one.

There was a small splash, followed by a soft-spoken warning from Ciaran.

“Watch your step.” He stopped, helping me down.

“Ugh,” I muttered when I reached the bottom.

Cold water wicked into my J’s, soaking my socks and the bottom of my sweatpants.

The stench of it was potent, mold and mildew. I firmed my grip on Ciaran’s hand and Mel’s, making sure she didn’t fall.

We began to make our way through the dark, using our human chain to ensure none of us got separated or lost. The passageways seemed endless. The only way we knew to turn was when we had no other choice, when the walls curved and made us go right or left. Every so often, there was definitive grinding noise.

The first time we heard it we all froze, waiting for something to happen—nothing did.