Love Match (Amore Matchmaking #3) Read Online Pandora Pine

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Six years after a panic attack on stage ended Nero Lombardi’s Broadway career, a comeback is in the wings. Everything’s coming up roses—and second chances—when he’s cast as Sky Masterson in Guys and Dolls, the very role from that fateful night, but when a hotshot Hollywood star blows into town and steals his role, Nero wonders if he’ll ever have that encore he craves.
After a desperately needed stint in rehab, Fallon Jacoby is determined to seize the day and regain his Hollywood status. Instead of giving up his shot when no one in Tinsel Town wants to hire him, Fallon heads for summer stock in Maine, where he finds the man who might just be his love match. Problem is, Fallon took his job and he’s going to have to a lot of hard work ahead of him to prove to Nero he’s more than the messy bad boy the gossips say he is.
When the machinations of a bitter man put a bullseye on Nero, Fallon steps in to save his co-star. Forming a tentative friendship that ignites into simmering passion, both men are sure they’ve found their forever loves. But when Hollywood comes calling, will they stay together and discover that love is the best way of defying gravity? Or is it curtains for their budding romance?




New York City, six years ago

For the first time in his ten-year Broadway career, Nero Lombardi did not have opening night jitters. Maybe it was because he was finally the leading man. Sky Masterson. The role in Guys and Dolls that had cemented Marlon Brando’s status as Hollywood’s biggest star. Would it do the same for Nero? Time would tell.

If Nero were being honest with himself, he’d have to admit the real reason he felt no opening night jitters had to do with the man in the next dressing room. London Simon. His stage name was far more interesting than his real name. “George Peabody” didn’t exactly inspire sonnets. Limericks, more like. But London was a proud, strong name, one worthy of respect and admiration, and possibly a cute nickname like Buckingham. One Nero liked to whisper when London was fucking him into next week. Which he’d done frequently of late.

A self-admitted late bloomer, Nero hadn’t had a lot of experience with men. His two older brothers, Capone and Fio, had their share of loves and losses, with Nero content to watch from the sidelines. He’d been more the one-night stand type, preferring the hit and run strategy over complicated and messy entanglements. That was, until he met London three months ago at the start of cast rehearsals.

London was playing the role of Nathan Detroit, a degenerate gambler with serious commitment issues, who’d been famously played by Frank Sinatra in the movie version. Nero thought London sang like an angel and always managed to find himself in the wings when London was rehearsing his musical numbers.

While London sang like an angel, he danced as if the devil had given him two left feet. Nero had not only memorized all the lines of the play, all the songs, but the choreography as well. After a particularly difficult session with London getting his ass handed to him by the director, Nero had stepped in to lend the clumsy actor some of his expertise.

For the first two weeks, all Nero and London did was rehearse the choreo. They’d take one break a night to run down to the Chinese place on the corner to grab an order of shrimp lo mein to share. Once they’d refueled, it was back to rehearsal. London would never be the next Lord of the Dance, but he wasn’t tripping over his own feet anymore either.

Everything changed between the two men one hot and steamy August night. For reasons Nero hadn’t been able to fathom, that night’s rehearsal had gone off the rails within minutes of London arriving. They’d been going over the musical number “Sue Me” with Nero singing the part of Adelaide. London not only sang in the wrong key, but got the words wrong, singing the second verse instead of the first.

When Nero had asked him what was wrong, London responded by kissing Nero for all he was worth just as a thunderstorm broke overhead. Pushed back against the living room wall, Nero had let the passion of the moment overtake him. From that moment, he and London had been inseparable, literally. They’d had so much sex in the weeks leading to opening night that Nero had developed a bit of a limp.

The last thing on Nero’s mind at the moment was his slight physical discomfort. For the first time in his life, everything was coming up aces. He’d scored the part of a lifetime with Sky Masterson. He was in love with the man of his dreams, who also happened to love him back. Nero’s life couldn’t possibly get any better. Or could it? Perhaps there was a ring and a new last name in his future.