Lost and Found (Unexpected Magic #3) Read Online Christine Pope

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Unlocking her family secrets could be a double-edged sword…

Magic isn’t one size fits all. Every family has its own unique brand, so it helps to know your family history. Mine? It’s pretty much a blank, so predicting what my lodestone gift will do next is a not-so-fun game. Case in point: On the heels of learning that both my ex-husband and a previously unknown half-brother died the exact same way, a gorgeous silver and turquoise necklace lands in my life. A necklace that fairly vibrates with power when I touch it.
Coincidence? I don’t think so. The message? Clear as mud.
Isaac Zamora, male witch and ultimate slow-burn romantic, thinks I should sleep on it. I mean, literally. I’d rather he was the one sharing my bed, but until I figure things out, following his lead is probably the better idea.
From urban pawn shops to lonely red rock canyons, my visions lead us on a merry chase. But this enchanted journey is fraught with demons. And the one I find waiting for me around the next twist and turn is going to take more than holy water to vanquish….


Chapter 1

Riddle Me This

Ride the roan to find the patriarch’s tears.

Pour out a blessing to bury one’s fears.

As above, so below,

Circle of iron to cast down your foe.

The words of the poem or riddle or whatever it was that I’d found buried somewhere deep within the Sangre de Cristo mountains northeast of Taos had echoed through my mind so many times over the past week, I pretty much had them memorized by this point.

Too bad they still didn’t make any damn sense. All the same, I knew they had to be crucial in some way, knew there had to be a specific reason why the patriarch’s tears were mentioned in the first line of the riddle…as though I’d be doomed in my attempt to learn more about my biological mother and discover exactly why she’d left me these clues if I didn’t first determine what those tears were, and why they were so important that a riddle describing them had been hidden inside a secret cave, one that only I had been able to unlock.

Isaac Zamora, my magical guide and significant other — “boyfriend” felt like such a silly word to apply to a grown man of thirty-six, especially one with Isaac’s gravitas — hadn’t been able to puzzle out their meaning, either. However, he’d only told me we’d figure it out in time, but for now, we might as well focus on other things.

Namely, the sword I’d found inside the mountain, the one that apparently had a unique magical gift for demon-slaying.

In all his research, Isaac so far hadn’t been able to find a single reference to such a weapon. That didn’t necessarily mean much, since even with my brief acquaintance with magic and all the havoc it could cause, I could tell that magical lore wasn’t something which had exactly been codified and standardized to make life easier for workers of magic. Each family seemed to have its own brand of enchantments, and, while Isaac had inherited his witch mother’s grimoire and her abilities, along with the house where he lived and the store in Santa Fe’s downtown that sold various woo-woo items, there was definitely nothing in her spell book which mentioned an enchanted sword that killed demons, rather than simply banishing them.

“There’s always the possibility that your biological mother made the sword,” he remarked as we sat in front of the fire in his living room on a chilly November night and discussed the problematic weapon.

I frowned. “That doesn’t seem very likely.”

He shrugged and reached for his glass of wine. Expression thoughtful, he sipped some tempranillo before replying, “It’s hard to say, since we don’t know anything about her abilities, other than she was a lodestone like you.”

A lodestone was a witch who attracted magical items to her, just like metal filings to a magnet. I’d found out about being a lodestone the hard way, by attracting a pair of enchanted eyeglasses to me that revealed the place of my biological mother’s death, a lonely canyon with red rock walls looming on either side. Since red rock canyons weren’t exactly in short supply in this part of the world, it definitely wouldn’t be an easy task to try to figure out the exact location where her body had been buried, in a shallow grave scratched out by the demon who’d killed her.

Since Isaac had sent that same demon back to hell a month earlier, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to pick his brain on the subject. Not that we probably would have gotten the answers we wanted; the demon had been chatty enough about certain topics, but it seemed clear to me during our little face-off that he wasn’t about to reveal anything involving my bio-mom’s identity, or the identity of her own mother, a murderous witch who’d sent the demon to murder her daughter for her disobedience.