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Kiss Me (Hart of Stone Family #3)

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Tory Baker

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Montana Rose is off-limits, or she’s supposed to be, but that doesn’t stop me from going after my sister’s best friend, though.

I called him, needing someone to pick me up from a night of one too many margaritas. Little did I know Asa would give me the ride of my life. The only problem is we have to keep our relationship a secret from his family, along with my best friend, his sister.

I’m known for being the jokester, the one who’ll never get married, the one that says every inappropriate thing at the wrong time. That all changes when Montana takes a chance on me. The personality that I used as a smokescreen is gone, and in its wake is a man that wants his woman.
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Hart of Stone Family Series by Tory Baker

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Tory Baker



“Quiet. You don’t want anyone to hear us, right?” I’m against the wall of a hallway bathroom. People are walking around; we could easily be interrupted. That doesn’t stop us, though. Not when it comes to him, well, not when it comes to us—the time, the place, the anything, it doesn’t matter. If we can fit it in, we do. Which is why we are where we are. His parents’ hall bathroom, me in my bathing suit, him in his board shorts and tee shirt that I’m currently trying to pry off his body while he works on the strings holding my bathing suit top up.

“Hurry,” I whisper-yell. His body is pressed against mine, and I can feel everything through the two layers between us. The second my top falls, his hands go to my breasts, palming them, moving between the two, pinching and pulling on my nipples. My greedy hands open his trunks. The sound of Velcro is so loud I’m sure we’ll get caught. I hold my breath and so does he. When no one comes running or banging on the door, my hand delves into his shorts. “I want it.” I grip his heavy length, feeling the vein with a sweep of my thumb. I cast my eyes down, seeing liquid leak from the top.

“Not this time, babe.” It’s his own fault, really; the way he plays with my body, igniting a flame that only he can put out. Still, the second we’re done, I’m jonesing for him all over again.

“God, more,” I groan when his lips wrap around a nipple while his other hand slides my bathing suit bottoms to the side, the head of his cock grazing my pussy, giving it a glimpse of what I know is yet to come.

“Shh.” His hand covers my mouth, quieting me. When what I really want is his lips, lips that have trailed every inch of my body, the soft texture against my skin, sucking on my nipples and clit. My core clenches just thinking about this big masculine man being on his knees, hand pressed to my stomach to hold me steady, back against the wall much like it is now, and one leg thrown over his shoulder as he devours my pussy.

“Do that again.” A deep groan leaves him, then, with one powerful thrust, he’s seated deep inside me. My center clenches again at his demand. I lick the hand that’s covering my mouth, letting him know that I want it gone. This man, he doesn’t seem to get the message. I blow out a puff of air, narrow my eyes, and what does he do? He smirks at me. I use my teeth next, nipping at first before biting down. That’s when he clearly receives the message, and he pulls his hand off my mouth.

“Finally.” I arch away from the wall, our mouths colliding, each of us attempting to dominate the other with the way our tongues duel. His flavor, it’s soul consuming, uniquely his own, much like the way he smells, a hint of woods and citrus. I swear I can smell him when he’s in the room. It doesn’t matter if there’s a crowd. He stands out when there are all different shapes and sizes; it’s just him.

“You ready to come,” his deep and raspy voice says into my ear after we finish our kiss. My breath is coming in hot and heavy. Add to that the noise of the wetness between us, and of course I am. That doesn’t mean I’m going to willingly admit that right now.

“No.” The word leaves my lips. My hips arch up the same time I feel his thumb glide along my clit, circling it, heightening my pleasure until it’s his turn to stutter in the way he hammers inside of me. The banging of my head against the wall has my eyes popping open.

“You sure about that?” The next time he glides inside, he swivels his hips, uses his thumb and finger to pinch my clit, and I can’t hold back, I come. God, do I come, harder, stronger, bigger than I ever have, a flood of wetness soaking us both.

“Obviously not,” I grit through my orgasm, head thrown back, eyes closed, feeling so many emotions.

“Where am I coming, babe?” He hasn’t gotten his yet, though he’s still moving his body while my orgasm isn’t slowing down. We’ve discussed condoms, but since we’re exclusive, it was me who begged him to ditch them and keep myself covered on the birth control front. Call me a hussy if you want, but there is nothing better than skin on skin, and when there’s a whole lot of trust involved, it’s even better.

“Not inside me,” I grumble, knowing if he does, I’ll be walking around with a sticky bathing suit the rest of the day. Guys have it too easy. That’s also when I open my eyes. His head is tipped back, his gray eyes with flecks of gold surrounding them are closed, and he doesn’t listen to a word I just said.