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From bestselling author Molly O’Hare comes an older brother’s best friend, curvy, teach-me-all-the-things, opposites attract romance.

Riley’s been crushing on her older brother’s best friend, Liam, for years. Sad, right? Oh well, she’s living her best life baking her heart out at Pastries & Paws – her bakery that caters to humans and pets. She’s an almost 28-year-old virgin with zero interest in dating ever again. However, it only took one little kitty and an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction to change everything.

Liam’s in love with his best friend’s curvy, gorgeous, insanely driven little sister. Protecting her and loving her from the sidelines was going to have to be enough, since he can’t cross the Bro Code. It doesn’t help matters the three of them are roommates. But one kitten caused mishap later, and the thin thread holding him together snapped. When Riley asked him to teach her about “the deed,” how could he tell her no? Liam’s about to get everything he’s ever wanted as long as her brother doesn’t find out.

Too bad it’s only a matter of time before the cat’s out of the bag.



“Hell to the freaking yeah!” Riley O'Neil pumped her fist in the air as she did her regular celebratory dance party like she did at the end of every night. With her lips curled up into a contagious smile, she flipped the lock on the door and switched the sign to Closed. Another day well done, if you asked her.

Even though it was the end of the night, a surge of adrenaline rushed through her. How could it not? This was her dream come true. Trying her best to hold in her excitement, Riley brushed her hands down her apron before spinning around to face the front of her bakery.

“Day six-forty-eight done and dusted!” Riley’s feet bounced as her excitement grew. Her dance party was now in full swing by the time she moved back to the front counter, her smile somehow more infectious than before.

Her eyes sparkled with pride as they moved to the glass display case, causing her plentiful hips to do another swing.

Who would’ve thought she would be where she was right now?

Closing her bakery.

That’s right. Her bakery.

Holy freaking moly!

Riley O'Neil owned her own damn bakery!

She did another shimmy as she moved her hands through the air to the joyful beat that played in her head. No matter how many times she tried, Riley still couldn’t believe it.

Riley O'Neil was not only working in her dream career, but she was also the proud owner of her own freaking bakery.

Her smile morphed into a full-blown toothy grin as she slid her hand across the glass display case housing her creations.

Who said hard work and determination wouldn’t pay off? ‘Cause that was a damn lie. I did it. No cheating someone out of something or fake promises. This is mine, built from the ground up.

Riley high-fived herself.

Before she could stop, her mind briefly drifted to her parents. Quickly, she pushed those thoughts to the back of her head. There was no way in hell she would let them dampen her mood.

She was the owner of a bakery, no matter what her parents thought.

Riley’s nose scrunched. Okay, well… she wasn’t the sole owner, but that was neither here nor there. She was just going to skip past that tiny technicality and move on to the important part.

Pastries & Paws was her baby.

The bakery that catered to humans and their fur-babies alike. Because why not? When she first imagined the idea, she knew it was a little out there, but when she thought about it, and really thought about it, she realized it was exactly what she wanted in her life. Animals were just as much a part of the family as anyone else, and they deserved pet-friendly treats every once in a while, as well.

Just because she couldn’t have a fur-baby of her own with the bakery taking up all her time didn’t mean she couldn’t dote on them and make goodies for them. It was her dream to one day have a house full of animals, especially since she wasn’t allowed to have any growing up.

Not with how her parents were.

And until that day, when Riley knew she could have a home of her own and as many pets as she wanted, she would do the next best thing.

Thus, her grand plan of creating Pastries & Paws was born.

Riley had it all figured out. Save as much money as she could, and once she was halfway to her goal, take out a loan for the rest.

At least that was the plan when she mentioned it to her older brother Patrick.

How was Riley to know Patrick would end up telling his best friend Liam and then boom, stuff started rolling sooner than she could wrap her head around.