I Caught Him So He’s Mine (Mated to the Araced Pirates #2) Read Online Kaylee Pike, Kyra Keys

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Sparks are flying between us, but not just the kind that come from sexual chemistry.

Ehnai claims he’s innocent, but most of my bounties do. He’s handsome and charming, but that’s easy enough to ignore. I’m called ‘the machine’ for a reason, and it’s not because of my cyborg arm. I remain cool and analytical in all aspects of my life. A job is a job, and delivering this man to The Duke is my job.
So why does this dirty-talking pirate throw me so far out of my comfort zone?

Nova has to be the sexiest bounty hunter in the universe. Perhaps that’s my excuse for getting caught so easily. I was drunk and horny, and she was there, threatening me with handcuffs. I love handcuffs.
Except she only wants to use the handcuffs for non-sexy stuff, which is no fun. And to make matters worse, when she collects her bounty, it may destroy everything I know and love. I need to escape, but every time I fight for my freedom, we end up hot and sweaty and naked.
Now our hate sex has broken Nova’s ship. We may be screwed, in more ways than one.


Chapter 1 - Nova

The food replicator beeped, and I set my communicator down and reached over to pull out a steaming bowl of ramen, settling at my little table with some chopsticks and a beer I’d bought at the last space station. I wasn’t in the mood for my favorite show, so I settled for watching the navigation system chart a course back to Earth Space Station. My ship was small enough that the pilot and copilot chairs were also the lounge chairs, and the kitchen table chairs, if you spun them around to face the table in the center of the room. It suited me well enough — it had a compact and efficient design, with a simple bunk area separated from the small bridge/living area by a curtain, a tiny bathroom, and a closet that I’d retrofitted into a holding cell for unruly fugitives.

According to the computer, I’d be approaching Earth Space Station by morning, and I needed to text to mom and let her know I was on my way home. But for the moment, it was me and my noodles, and the satisfaction of another bounty scored. This one had been tough. The fugitive was a suspected pirate with a rap sheet a mile long who’d evaded me for almost a month. But the price on her head had been well worth it.

My communicator buzzed, and I glanced down. My mother, as if sensing that I was on my way, had called before I’d even gotten a chance to let her know I was coming. I sighed and tapped the screen, accepting the call and swiping her up onto the big view screen across from the table so I could chat and eat.

“Hey Mom,” I said. My mother was in her living room, sitting on the orange flowered sofa she’d had since I was a kid. It looked out of place in the sleek, modern space-station living quarters, but /i was pretty sure my mom liked it that way.

“Nova, sweetheart! When are you going to visit your dear old mother?”

“You’re not old, you’re only 49,” I said, shaking my head as I looked at her more closely, noting that she looked a little tired, and new streaks of silver had appeared in her blonde hair. Were the crinkles around her eyes new?

“I’m certainly old enough to be a grandmother,” she said. “If only you or your brother would provide me with a grandchild. Your father wanted you both to get married and have families, you know!”

I laughed. “Well, considering I’m not even dating anyone, you may have a bit of a wait, but I think Sean told me he met someone.” Nothing like throwing your big brother under the bus. “Anyway, I have good news! I’m headed your way for a visit.”

Her face lit up. “Oh! I’ll make up the sofa into a bed and order your favorites from the Dragon Cafe.” She clapped her hands, smiling widely, and as I basked in the warmth of her love, I almost forgot the obnoxious pressure she always put on me to reproduce. Almost.

“Order extra spring rolls,” I said. “I’ll pay. I had a good bounty this time around.”

“I don’t know why you can’t get a regular job like your brother,” she said, shaking her head. “How will you ever have a family when the only people you meet are criminals?” My brother was a surgeon, and we all knew why I didn’t have his kind of job. The accident had forced him to take a year off of his medical residency, but for me, it had destroyed my Junior year of college and sent my life into a tailspin. Now I had a cyborg arm, an unreasonable pile of debt, and a bit of a grudge. Sean, on the other hand, was an elite surgeon, who’d convinced his hospital to fund his fancy new parts.