Hot Doctor & Patient (Billionaire Doctors of Beverly Hills #1) Read Online Lauren Wood

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The Bardot Hospital of Beverly Hills is known for being discreet.
What happens at Bardot stays at Bardot –
Making it the perfect luxury facility for celebrity patients like me.
It also happens to attract the smartest, hottest doctors in the country –
like Dr. Hudson Gray.
After walking away from an accident that could have killed me,
I’m ready to make some changes in my life.
I just wasn’t planning on one of those changes…
to be me falling for my doctor.
Hudson makes it clear he’s not going to risk his career by sleeping with a patient.
But when we ran into each other on the street a few weeks later…
It’s a different story. I’m not his patient anymore.
After one hot night together,
We plan on never seeing each other again.




My eyes flutter open, then quickly close again.

Everything hurts.

Every. Bone. In my body. Hurts. It feels like I’ve been hit by a train.

What the hell happened?

I wince and try to open my eyes again only to be hit with a horrible blinding light. Oh god. Is it a UFO? It sure looks like a big bright circle-shaped UFO hovering above my head, with a giant beam of light shining straight onto my face.

I expect to feel my heart racing. I should be panicking. That's what you do when you get abducted by aliens, right? You obviously panic. But just beyond the pain in my aching bones, there is…numbness. I can't move. And everything is getting tingly. I feel a warm buzzing calm settling in, which seems like an entirely inappropriate reaction to alien abduction.

"Madison?" a man's voice calls out to me.

But it's not my agent's voice. Martine is French, and this guy is obviously American. Also, Martine’s voice tends to inspire anger, annoyance, and dread in me. This voice is…nice. Soothing. Calming.

I turn my head slightly, attempting to avert my eyes from the blinding light well enough to get a look at him.

"Have I been abducted by aliens?" I rasp in his direction even though I still can't make out his face.

I do notice his perfect firm pink lips. They crease at the edges with a smirk.

"The good news alien abductions for you today," he replies. "The bad news is...You were in a pretty serious accident."

As he speaks, more of his face emerges from the blur of lights. Each time I blink, my vision becomes clearer, but the warm buzzing tingle in my limbs intensifies.

I'm dying, I think. That's why I'm losing feeling in my body. Oh god. This is worse than aliens. I died in a car accident. This must be heaven. That's why my heart isn't racing the way it should be, why I'm not panicking. All the bright lights. It's heaven.

"I can't feel my toes," I tell him.

Actually, I can't feel anything anymore. The pain in my body is melting away, which is a relief and terrifying all at once. But my words aren't coming out right. I can only speak to the numbness in my toes.

Those perfect lips of his curl up into a warm smile again. "Your pain meds are kicking in. That's good news. If you can't feel your toes, that means soon you also won't be able to feel the soreness from the accident."

"They have pain meds in heaven?" I smile, feeling loopier by the second. "That's nice."

My eyes travel up from his perfect lips to his two deep brown eyes, glistening like rich syrup. They have a spark to them that's intense, yet calming. His features are perfect. Too perfect.

"You must be an angel," I murmur, unable to stop grinning. "My angel."

I reach out to him, and he keeps talking. But I can't make out the words anymore. It's all drowned out by the beeping of machines around me, and the chatter of some other people in the room. Some of the voices are coming from the television on the wall, and I swear I hear them say my name. But it's hard to be sure. Everything is fading fast.

I stare into those hypnotizing brown eyes again. He says ‘pain meds’, but I think this feeling is coming entirely from him. It's swallowing up my whole body. The calming warmth feels like a heavy blanket spreading over me. My eyes grow heavier and heavier, until it all fades to black again.

My eyes open. The pain has returned. At least this time I see darkness instead of bright lights. The room is quiet now. Does this mean it's over? Am I officially dead?

I try to sit up and cringe from the pain. No. I can't be dead. If I was, I wouldn't feel any pain.

As I attempt to prop myself up on my elbows, I feel a strange tug at my hand. My eyes follow the source to tubes and wires, all leading from a bandage on my hand to a blinking machine in the corner. I'm no doctor, but I think the pulsating lines on the screen are my heartbeat. I'm definitely not dead.