Highland Harmony – Avelina and Drew (Clan Grant #8) Read Online Keira Montclair

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Avelina Ramsay despairs that she will never fall in love. Though every lad she meets is entranced by her comeliness, shyness prevents her from speaking with them. Part of what silences her is the fear that beauty is all she has to offer. She longs for something more, for a deeper calling and sense of purpose, for a stronger connection with a lad. Desperate for help, Lina leaves home to stay with Jennie Cameron, her closest childhood friend. There, at the Cameron keep, Lina will meet the Highlander of her dreams and discover that her destiny is much richer than she ever could have dreamed.

As soon as he encounters Avelina Ramsay, Drew Menzie feels an overwhelming need to protect her. Never before has he met a lass who is at once so comely, so kind, and so strong. For reasons he keeps to himself, Drew does not wish to settle down and take a wife, but he cannot deny that Lina calls to him like no other lass. So when a neighboring clan threatens her, he steps forward to act as her protector. Little does he know that protecting Lina will prove a complicated task, for she has newly discovered otherworldly abilities that both set her apart and make her a target.

Lina and Drew have the potential for a blissful, harmonious future, but conflict is about to shake the Highlands—and Lina is fated to play a pivotal part in the outcome.


Chapter One

Summer, 1260s, Lothian, Scotland

I love you.

Those were the three words Avelina longed to hear. She so hoped to fall in love and share her life with the most perfect lad. Being the youngest of four and the only lass of the Ramsay brood relegated her to the task of taking care of the family bairns. She was the only one yet unmarried, and she longed for a relationship of her own. But therein lay the problem—how could Avelina Ramsay ever possibly fall in love if she froze whenever a lad came near her? She would have to change, though she knew not how.

She was pondering this problem one eve as she made her way back to the keep at dusk, her arms full of flowers from the garden. The smithy’s son, Keith, passed her, a sly grin on his face. He always looked at her in a hungry way she did not like, so she increased her pace, but panic stole over and she closed her eyes for a moment, intent on calming her soul and starting fresh.

That was her mistake. The lad she had just passed apparently spun around, shoved her from behind, and propelled her into the end of the stables. Her entire body responded with terror, yet she couldn’t scream.

“Daft lass. That’s what you are.” Keith’s heated breath drifted to her ear from behind as his grip on her waist tightened. “Still cannot speak, can you?”

Rough hands shoved her atop the mound of hay. She lurched forward and caught her fall, the straw scratching the tender skin of her arm as she attempted to spin around to shove her attacker away. Panic coursed through her body, giving her tunnel vision where naught else existed but herself and the crude lout whose hands were everywhere. She had to get away; she just had to fight with everything she had. The shock of seeing him fumble with his pants forced her into action. Shoving at him and kicking any part of him she could reach, she scrambled to get away.

Her heart threatened to explode out of her chest while a rushing sound echoed in her brain, threatening to dim her vision. What was his intent? The lad had never treated her thus before. He had oft followed and teased her, but this was the first time he had dared touch her. Her breathing came out too rapid, and she did her best to calm it as she tried to shove away from him. Then something hot and hard hit her hand. A piece of flesh.

She knew what it was and tried to scream, but naught came out. With all her strength, she pummeled his arms, but he slapped her and she fell backwards.

“Cannot even scream, can you? How perfect is this? You flaunt that body around and do not allow anyone to touch you. You have tits better than any lass I have ever seen, and I plan to feel them for myself. I’ll be the first to take you, and I do not care if you are the laird’s sister. And if you say aught to anyone, I’ll hurt you worse. Though ‘tis foolish to think of you talking, is it not? You may be a beauty, but you’re daft. ‘Tis time to take what I want after your stupid brother made me dig out those trenches.”