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Here With Us - The Archer Brothers

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Heidi McLaughlin

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Evan Archer and Ryley Clarke have had their share of adversity. With a fresh start in a place they love, they’re trying to put everything behind them and start anew.

As their big day approaches, they hope a new house will be the only stressful event they have to deal with, and the past remains . . . well, in the past.

Will Evan be able to live in peace with Ryley and EJ, or will the mystery around his fateful mission continue to unravel?
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Heidi McLaughlin



As soon as I pull up to the curb, Ryley rushes out of the car and up the stairs of the two-story home she’s had her eye on for months. Denying her would’ve been selfish. When she started hinting that she wanted to move back to California, I knew it was because of Lois, Penny, and her mom. When we moved to Washington, it was to get away, to hide from what was going on. I needed to protect Ryley and EJ and monitor Brigadier General Harold Chesley. However, with Ted Lawson and his father, Admiral Jonah Ingram, behind bars and Frannie dead, being away from our family didn’t seem to make sense anymore.

The truth is, even though my relationship with my mom is strained, it isn’t with my sister, and I’d like to spend more time with both of them, we well as my brother, Nate. We still have a lot of rebuilding to do, as far as our relationship goes, but we’re getting there. I know deep down he did what I asked. I guess I never thought he’d take it as far as he did. Since our lives have calmed down, I’ve seen a therapist to deal with my issues. It was my choice because I needed someone impartial to listen to me about Nate and Ryley’s relationship. There are times when I can’t stop thinking about them being together. I know I was presumed dead, but I feel like he took my request to watch after Ryley to the extreme. I never meant for my brother to take over my life, especially where my son is concerned. I’m still waiting for EJ to call me dad, and at this point, I’m starting to think it’ll never happen. That right there increases the anger I still have for Nate.

EJ and I merge from the truck and head toward the back of the trailer. He walks next to me with his matching work boots on. When we sat him down to tell him we were moving back, he was more than excited, even though he had already made some friends in Washington. Living here means he’s with his grandfather, which I know Jensen will love. Honestly, being near the Clarkes will be better for all of us.

Also, being back here means Ryley will be closer to her bridesmaids, making our upcoming wedding easier for her to finish planning. I’m told I need to show up when I need to be in places, smile when the camera is facing my way, and find my way to SEAL beach the day of our wedding. As if I wouldn’t be there. I’ve been waiting to marry Ryley for as long as I can remember.

EJ holds Deefur by his leash and stands back while I lower the gate on the pull-behind trailer. A moving company is bringing our big stuff in a few days, but Ryley didn’t want to stay in a hotel or at her parents' until they arrived, so we packed our essentials and towed them behind us.

“We have a lot of stuff,” EJ says as he climbs up the ramp.

I stand behind him with my hands on my hips and sigh. I thought about asking McCoy and Rask to come by and help but didn’t want to bother them on their weekends. McCoy is busy being a father and husband, not to mention training would be SEALs, and Rask went back to active duty, which surprised me, although he has nothing else but the Navy. His parents still haven’t come around, and as far as I know, he’s given up on trying to convince them. Can’t say I blame him.

“Can I help?” EJ asks as I start pulling boxes out.

“Yeah. Why don’t you take Deefur and put him in the backyard?” I motion toward the house, and EJ nods. He takes off running with Deefur trotting along right beside him. Ryley’s still in the house, and I have a feeling she’s making her way through each room, posting sticky notes where she wants everything to go.

I survey our new neighborhood, trying to see who is peering out their windows right now. I hate thinking everyone has an ulterior motive where my family and I are concerned, but it’s hard to shake the feeling that people are watching. This area is full of military families. It wasn’t what I wanted, but Ryley fell in love with this house, and I can’t deny her anything. Ryley has given up so much. I just want her to be happy.

A line of cars pulling onto our street grabs my attention. They’re going too slow for the speed limit. My hand instantly goes to the piece I have in my waistband. I know I’m being over the top, but once you go through the shit I have, you can’t be too cautious. Frannie may be dead and Lawson behind bars, but I’m not convinced every player in the massive cover-up has been caught.