Hammer (Raging Barons MC #6) Read Online J.E Daelman

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As the head of the construction business for the club, Hammer is off checking out new business opportunities. Some good, others not so good, but the Flower shop gives him more options than just construction. Adding in his relationship with Shar, the ex-husband after Tilly, the loan shark that wants his money and the kids causing trouble in town, Hammer and the club have their hands full.
The saga with Axel and Mia continues now that she is pregnant. Meat, Wings and Heather continue their games. We see the young prospects grow, get more responsibilities and become RBMC family, which causes Hammer to notice the others happy in their relationships, and he decides he wants one of his own. Is there someone out there for him since he missed out on Raven?
You may even see more from Mia’s past make an appearance or two. As the RBMC continues to grow and become strong, the characters develop and become family to each other in more ways than one.

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-:- HAMMER -:-

Walking out of the office after speaking with PT, I head into the kitchen where I take out a can of soda, and sit at one of the tables that line the back wall.

Meat is preparing something for the evening meal and giving me the stink-eye as usual. He hates anyone in his kitchen unless it’s mealtime, but I’m ignoring him as I usually do.

Flicking through the paperwork I picked up in the office, I browse through, and know I’ve got to go look at these jobs and see if any I think are worth us taking on.

Mia walks through from the common room and smiles at Meat, kisses his cheek, and whispers something in his ear. Meat nods in agreement with whatever she’s said and then she notices me sitting here.

“Hi Hammer. Are you going into town at all?”

“Yeah, I’m going to look at a couple of jobs. Not sure we’ll take them on, but I need to check them out anyway.” I respond. Mia has just announced she and Axel are gonna have a baby, and I’m thrilled for them, pissed for myself as I think I missed a woman that would have been perfect for me, but my own stupidity cut that short.

“Can I come with you, and call in at the flower shop on the way? I want to get some for Amelia as a thank you gift.” Mia sits next to me, knowing damn well I’ll agree.

“Yeah, you can come with me. But let Pres know or you’ll be grounded. You know now you’re pregnant and he’s over the top protective.” I grin as I’ve seen Axel carrying Mia around, much to her disgust, and we all hear her verbal complaints.

“Okay, I’ll go tell him now, don’t go without me.” Mia rushes out of the kitchen, and I look up when Meat chuckles.

“Are you ready to go?” Meat asks me and I give him a nod that yes I am. ”Well, you watch, any minute.” He’s counting off seconds on his fingers and that’s when I hear.

“Put me down, you idiot. You’re a freaking Neanderthal. I’m quite capable of walking. Axel, put me down.” The complaints get louder the nearer they get. I shake my head as I walk over to the back door. I know what’s coming.

“I can walk, put me down, god dammit.” That’s when I see Axel, carrying Mia bridal style, making sure she’s tight to his body. He’s not letting her go anytime soon.

Walking to the truck, I smirk to myself as I hear Axel telling Mia to be quiet, and Mia telling him to shove it up his ass. This is going to be a long seven months, I think to myself, knowing that’s how long until Mia has the babe.

Climbing into the driver’s seat, I slip out of my kutte and turn placing it over the back of the seat, then buckle up and wait for Mia and Axel to finish their whispering, then kissing, give me strength, it’ll be fucking mid-afternoon before we go at this rate.

“Come on Axel, I’ve got a ton of things to cover today. Stop fucking smooching.” I snarl, because I need to get moving if I’m going to get done.

Mia giggles when Axel lifts her into the passenger seat and straps her in. He tries to give me the eye, but I roll my eyes at him, then start the engine. Maybe that will give him the hint I need to move out of here.

“Watch her closely, Hammer, or we’ll have an issue.” Axel snaps and I’ve about had enough of this shit. I’m not having seven months of threats.

Turning to eye Axel, I snap. “Since when have I ever not watched Mia’s back? Tell me that Pres? When the fuck have I ever not watched all the women in the club’s backs?”