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Get two sizzling SEAL Novellas with this duet.

About Resisting the Bodyguard SEAL
Frenemies-with-benefits… That’s a hard NO.
I won’t play games with my boss’s gal pal. I know if I have one taste of her, I’m not letting her go.
There’s a showdown coming. The live wire that snaps between us is dangerous. Something is gonna go up in smoke.
In one corner—a five foot three knockout with her heart on lockdown. In the other corner, me, a six foot six former SEAL that wants one thing… to claim her as mine.
The fiery brunette was made for me and I was made for her. Even if she refuses to admit it…

Resisting the Bodyguard SEAL is a super sizzling rescuer romance. This 23,000 word book is a complete story. Reno and Maria will light up your Kindle and have you cheering for their happy ever after as you devour every single page. Contains no cheating and has a delicious happy forever ending. Written in first person and has four points of view, Reno, Maria, and their best friends, Luke and Ghiselle.

About Challening the Guardian SEAL
Everything about my neighbor makes the SEAL protector in me roar back to life.
Secrets surround the delicate blond beauty who took a job as winter caretaker to the mansion next door to mine.
A job too harsh for a woman who obviously is a fish out of water in a Colorado snowstorm.
After she has a near miss with the snowblower, I find that I can’t stay away.
I should leave her the hell alone. Ghiselle doesn’t need a man like me.
I’m a wrecking ball with a missing limb.
She’s as perfect as shimmering sun-lit glass.
My damage runs deep. Scars. Killshots.

Challening the Guardian SEAL is a page turning, super hot, rescuer romance. This 27,000 word extra steamy book focuses on Luke and Ghiselle, with a visit from Reno and Maria. Contains no cheating and has a delicious happy forever ending. Written in first person and has four points of view, Luke, Ghiselle, Reno, and Maria




La Pitaya Estate is lit tonight. The celebration of the decade some say. Tonight is the baby-shower-slash-commitment party.

Sort of. Not exactly a baby shower…

Like I know what the hell they are.

But a heavy metal party complete with pyrotechnics for a threesome seems a little far from what I imagine goes on in most houses with blue and pink decorations on their front door.

And it’s about to get real up in The Pit. If anyone knows how to throw a party, it’s Gage.

I’ve counted over two hundred guests through the gate in the last hour. All passing through the checkpoints for credentials and a weapons check.

Loud-ass music is pumping out of the mansion.

Gage, Julian, and Winter are standing on the front steps welcoming everyone. It’s a security guard’s nightmare, but I’m used to it now. Although things are a lot quieter at The Pit since Winter moved in and gave some balance to the men. Funny how love does that.

Winter gives me a nod and a smile when she catches me watching them. She’s looking rad in her sparkling dress with that giant baby belly. And the guys, well, they are all freaking smiles.

They’re the happiest three people I know.

Kind of annoying in a cool way.

Sometimes, I catch myself thinking that if someone can love those two men like she does, maybe one day…

Maybe I’ll finally have someone who gets me.

Or maybe I won’t.

Because my history isn’t like Julian and Gage’s. And that’s a cold hard fact.

I shift and fold my arms again as I watch over the whole thing, feeling edgy as hell.

Julian’s officially off tonight. Even though he’s still got his comm gear on. But making sure the party is safe is squarely on my shoulders and the men I’ve stationed around the complex.

That’s why I have no time for distractions. Especially one named Maria.

The curvy brunette with the stop-my-damned-heart lips and a penchant for teasing banter is, of course, on the guest list.

Since the first time we met, she’s haunted my nights.

All those curves. That reckless fire in her eyes. Yeah. My kind of trouble.

If only she wasn’t skittish as a rabbit when I called her out for what she was shopping for—a no-strings fling.

Which is exactly what I’m not looking for.

So, we have an impasse.

And my dick is regularly mad at me for it.

Because, wouldn’t you know, dear Maria, with the perfect DSLs, shows up on the regular with Gage’s Physical Therapist, Summer, during her twice monthly visits.

I owe Gage a big fucking thank you. Not.

If he hadn’t gone to watch his brother Quinn race dirt bikes, she never would have entered my radar.

The minute I saw her on stage getting her prize for her race, she sent a jolt through me. A possessive stab of primal need cut a trench in my resolve.