Gamble (Dirty Sinner #0) Read Online Elyse Kelly

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I’m a Sinner who doesn’t play; I only win…
I’m a man who’s irresistible enough to charm the panties off a nun and sly enough to take all your money in a game of poker. But make no mistake that as a member of the Dirty Sinners MC, I can be ruthless and deadly when I need to be.
Except when it comes to her.
Dove James was the girl I knew I shouldn’t touch because she was destined for greater things far better than our small town. But one look at the seductive curves sensually swaying on stage at Lust & Sin, and I immediately know my little bird didn’t find the life she was meant for. Instead, she found something dark and cruel. Something that’s changed her forever in a way that I don’t like.
Gone is the sweet and innocent girl with the warm smile and kind eyes. There’s only “Dallas” now, the sexy and luscious dancer who’s tough and cold-hearted. A woman who refuses to tell me about her past or where she’s been.
But that won’t fly with me; not for long.
I’m going to find out what happened to my little bird, and I will break through the fortress she’s built around her heart. Because I refuse to lose her for a second time and let her get away from me.
She will fly again, my little bird. And she will be mine. My Dove.


Chapter 1


There’s nothing like coming home, especially when home smells like sex and booze.

I drive towards the strip club and smirk to myself. This is my home: Lust & Sin. It’s where I invest all my time, aside from my motorcycle club—the Dirty Sinners. I’ll do anything for my MC and our strip joint, and I even missed this place a little while I was out on a run.

One of the most incredible views is pulling up to a parking lot filled to the brim with cars, and today, it’s jam-packed. There are literally no spots available. In fact, the only openings are the spots reserved for members of the MC.

I steer my motorcycle into a space, kill the engine, and flip my kickstand down. My two brothers, who joined me on the run, pull in next to me and follow suit. I remove my helmet and smile at my road captain, Preach.

“Have you ever seen the club this busy?” I ask.

Preach shakes his head. “Not in a long time, man. We’ve only been gone for a few days, but I’m sure we would’ve heard if something unusual happened.”

Ace, my enforcer and a man of few words, crosses his arms and grunts. “Why don’t we go in and find out?”

“Hold on a second, Ace.” I laugh, dismounting my bike and smirking. “What’s all the rushing around for?” He shakes his head at me in annoyance, and I just grin.

I pull the stacks of one hundred dollar bills from my saddle bag and thumb through them, one by one, counting in my head to ensure every dollar is accounted for. I never like doing business with new clients—I’m always afraid they’ll screw over the MC. Or worse, that they’re Feds. However, as I finish sorting the cash, I see there’s nothing amiss. So I nod and put the money away to be carried inside and locked in our safe.

“Looks good,” I confirm to Preach. “Did they get all the merchandise they wanted?” He nods and doesn’t say much else.

These two are the quiet, pensive types. But me, I’m the kind of man who could charm the panties off a nun. I’m the go-to guy everybody wants to talk to. I can also read people from a mile away and pick up on the subtlest of tells. That’s why the MC sends me on the runs with new customers. If there’s anything that needs to be sussed out, I can do it within seconds of the first introduction.

I wave my brothers inside. I’m going to do my best to let the blinding lights and ass-shaking welcome me back to my favorite place, outside of the MC clubhouse. We enter Lust & Sin, and I’m instantly assaulted by the smell of alcohol. I walk past a table of men, laughing and pointing at the pole dancers on the floor. Pretty sure they’re as high as a kite, but I couldn’t care less. I’m just happy that business is booming.

Preach grunts behind me. “What the fuck are they on?”

I snicker, but I don’t blame him. We always have to keep an eye on the fuckers who get too drunk or appear intoxicated when they’re patronizing our establishment. Those are the assholes who could hurt our girls, and no one fucking puts their hands on our girls while they’re in this club.

A familiar face comes into view as I pull up a stool and greet Kimberly, who’s working behind the counter tonight. The new bartender looks up at me with her green eyes and gives me a quiet smile. She hasn’t been here all that long, but I’ve worked hard to build her trust, which she doesn’t give freely.