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Frost - The Lost Boys MC

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Savannah Rylan

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She had my kid and didn’t f*cking tell me. After years of being overseas, Things have gotten complicated.
I tried to protect Lexi. From the harm, the drama. So I cut contact. To keep her safe.
But now she’s a nurse and fixing up my enemies. All while raising my son.
A son she never told me existed. And I thought the military was tough.
Try loving someone who wants nothing to do with you. This is going to be interesting.
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Savannah Rylan



Just as smoothly as Clancy had opened the door to the warehouse, they closed it behind the officers. Then, he turned to face us as Ruby sobbed against her brother’s shoulder.

“If you need bail money for him, we can--.”

I shook my head as I stepped up to the plate. “I’ve got him, don’t worry about that. But we need another plan. If someone is pinning the shooting on Diego, they’re doing a damn good job of it.”

Puck nodded his head as he stroked his fingers through his sister’s hair. “He’s right. They know where we’re camped out, which raises the possibility that they have a sense of what we’re involved in.”

Stone growled. “I’ll take care of figuring out what they know. Frost?”

I peeked out the window and waited until each and every cop was gone. “On it. I’ll be back in a few hours.”

I left the chaos of the warehouse and hopped onto my bike. I knew Stone would find it risky that I ended up back at my place so I could pick up my car, but it wasn’t like it mattered any longer. If the police knew where we were, then it was only a matter of time before our enemies found us, too.

So, I parked my motorcycle in my garage and backed out my old mustang.

“All right, princess, let’s take you out for a ride.”

I cruised with the windows down and inhaled the fresh air. The sounds of the city passed by me in a blur as I headed straight for downtown. I knew they wouldn’t ask him too many questions before booking him, especially if they had enough to warrant busting through our front doors.

Then again, anyone could be paid off with the right amount of money.

I hate this world so much.

I parked in front of the booking office and walked inside. I told them I was there to post bail for Diego Hernandez, and I got a great deal of dirty looks. They dragged their feet with the process, forcing me to sit in the waiting room for damn near two hours.

But after paying his bail, they practically shoved him through a side door.

“Shit, come here,” I hissed.

I caught him before he had a chance to hit the tiled floor. He looked rattled, his eyes darting around as he raked his hands through his hair. I threw my arm around his shoulders, quickly ushering him out of that place before anyone had a chance to ask us any more questions.

Then, I stuffed him into my mustang and peeled out of the parking lot.

“Diego,” I said.

He kept staring out the window while he picked at the beds of his nails.

“Diego, talk to me. What happened?”

His jaw quivered with his response. “They have someone on the inside.”

I shrugged. “Doesn’t shock me. I figured one of the police was getting their information from the cartel if they knew where to find us.”

He peeked over at me. “They tried to kill me in there.”

I narrowed my eyes. “The Banderas Cartel?”

He swallowed hard. “They--they processed me and threw me into a holding cell with four other members. You should’ve seen the looks they gave me. The threats they spat my way.”

“Fucking hell,” I murmured.

“It’s bad, Frost. I don’t know if one of them is a C.I. or if a cop is dirty, but there’s no way in hell--.”

I reached over and patted his knee. “Just take a deep breath for me. Once we get back to the warehouse--.”

He snapped his head in my direction. “You mean no one’s been moved yet?”

“Where the hell would we go, Diego?”

He sank into his seat. “We’re fucked.”

I let him have his moment. He deserved it, after all. After everything he had done for us and everything he had sacrificed, he had every reason to be worried. But, if the point of his arrest was to kill him, those four members would’ve bled him like a stuffed pig in that holding cell without a second thought.

Which meant there had to be another reason for detaining him.

“What do they get by pinning the shooting on you?” I asked.

Diego scoffed. “They get another one of their betrayers behind bars. That’s what they get.”

“Is there anything else, though? Is there information you might have that worries them?”

Something clicked behind his eyes. “Drive faster. I need to talk with Stone. Look out, Frost!”

Two cars pulled up beside us before they donned sawed-off shotguns. Windows shattered as my car swerved left and right, trying to knock the guns out of the assailants’ hands. I didn’t need to look at them to know who was trying to gun us down, though. And I quickly understood why they had tried to pin that fucking shooting on my newest brother.

It was to get him out of the darkness and into the light.

“Hang on,” I growled.