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I’m in love with my best friend’s sister…
I’ve been in love with Lyla Saunders since high school. But as my best friend’s older sister, she is completely off limits.
I’ve managed to hide my feelings pretty well until now. When I get locked out of my house during summer break, though, staying with Lyla for a few days seems like the only reasonable option.
The two of us alone in a house for days on end is my dream — and my worst nightmare.
If anything happens between Lyla and me, my best friend will kill me.
But I don’t know if I can hold myself back.

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I always believed that luck had its own will. It moved freely, flowing through the fabric of the universe. It never found a body and settled into it long enough to call it home. Instead, it always seemed to come and go as it pleased, not quite coincidental but still beyond our comprehension as humans. Today, it seemed that I was a victim of luck again, or rather, the lack of it.

I sighed, suddenly feeling exhausted. Summer break had always been my favourite time of the year, but this one was quickly turning into a disappointment from all sides. I still had the lingering stress from exams as I waited for my marks to come out, I was really starting to feel the effects of being back in the suburbs with no car while I was staying with my parents, and despite my desperate need for money, I had yet to land a summer job. Admittedly, everything outside of that was pretty good. The air around me vibrated with life, golden rays or warmth engulfing any remains of cold or unpleasant weather. The grass was unusually green, flowers coating the small gardens every house in the area had next to the buildings. It all filled me with peace, and I could almost pretend there was nothing wrong, if not for the annoying sound of the combination door rejecting my password again.

I couldn't believe I got locked out of my house in the first week of my vacation. In fact, it was happening on the first day possible since my parents just left on a weekend getaway last night. I had a simple wish, really, and it shouldn't have been this hard to go a day or two without any complications in my plan. I just wanted a quiet couple of days to myself. I did love and miss my parents, but both semesters of college had been filled with such extreme workload and noise that never really calmed down, so I’d missed being alone and undisturbed in a quiet room.

I entered the passcode once more, even though it hadn’t worked the previous six times, because I had no idea what else to do. I briefly wondered whether my parents had changed the passcode while I was at school without telling me, but quickly realized that couldn’t be the case since I came in through this door yesterday with no issues. When the lock made that stupid beeping noise confirming that the passcode hadn’t worked, I cursed under my breath and slammed the side of my fist against the stupid, dark screen. I was initially excited when my dad told me they were installing this lock because it meant I wouldn’t have to carry my keys around every time I went outside, but now I was cursing whoever even invented these stupid things.

“Having a fight with the door?” A voice suddenly asked from behind me. A voice that I recognized far too well. Why, oh why, did she always choose the worst times to come bother me?

I turned around, only to find Lyla standing a couple of feet away from my backyard. We didn’t have a fence between our properties, so it was easy to see her from where I was. She was wearing a black t-shirt that clung to her figure and linen pants that seemed softer than any summer clothing I owned. It always surprised me how different she looked from her little sister, Hope, who had been my best friend since kindergarten.

“Leave me alone, Lyla,” I muttered.

She shook her head a little, causing her long wavy brown hair to sway a little. The sun was shining brightly on her, making her hair seem lighter than usual and illuminating her entire face. If it weren't for the smug, teasing grin on her face, I might have thought she looked nice like this. Welcoming. Kind. I knew better, however, because the crippling urge to erase that grin from her face swiftly got rid of any other coherent thought I had about her appearance.

“Never,” she said.

I sighed loudly and turned back toward the door, not wanting to look at her anymore, and tapped the screen of the lock to turn it back on again. Maybe this time, the passcode would work. Maybe it would take mercy on me and spare me a conversation with Lyla. But luck still wasn’t on my side — the screen didn’t even light up like it was supposed to. I kept tapping at it until I was slapping it more than anything, but the stupid thing wouldn’t even turn on. “Oh, you have got to be kidding me!”