Finn’s Fake Boyfriend (Pine Ridge #1) Read Online Shae Michaels

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I found out the hard way, why it’s not a good idea to sleep with a coworker. After a regrettable one-night stand, I can’t get her to leave me alone. I need help. When my best friend suggests pretending to date her twin brother would solve my problem, I thought she was crazy. Except, I accidentally told my former date that Theo is my boyfriend. Now I just need to find a way to tell him that.

My last relationship ended when I discovered that I wasn’t the only one my ex was dating. I was still getting over that heartbreak when my twin sister tells me that her best friend, and my childhood boy-next-door crush, needs my help. She thinks that I should pretend to date Finn! Why would he even go along with this… he’s straight, isn’t he? But now I can’t stop having sexy dreams about him. And I’m starting to wonder what it would be like to kiss Finn for real… and not just as his fake boyfriend.


Chapter One


I wasn’t a huge fan of these workplace party thingies, but today I was happy to make an exception, as I eyed the temptingly delicious-looking chocolate-upon-chocolate tiered calorie-laden goodness of a cake someone in the Accounting Department had brought in for… someone’s birthday?

At least, I’ll go ahead and assume we’re supposed to be celebrating someone’s birthday based on the balloons taped haphazardly to the ceiling of the employee breakroom, the mismatched candles still shoved into the top of the cake, the sad-looking stack of three presents next to the cake, and, most obviously, the ‘Hppy Birthday’ banner taped to the window. They trotted out the same banner every time someone had a birthday on a workday and subjected us to one of these parties the HR Department—also known as Bob Byrne, the son of the CEO of Byrne Brewery—felt was so conducive to employee morale. It had been used so often that several parties ago, it had ripped in two and the first ‘a’ was now lost to the hasty repair job taping it back together.

I’d already finished my first small chunk of ooey-gooey chocolate cake yumminess and was wondering if anyone would be too upset, or frankly shocked, if I just grabbed another before getting the heck out of here and skedaddling back to my desk before I was roped into inane chit chat by one of my well-meaning and friendly coworkers, when a large vase of lush flowers and fall foliage across the room caught my eye. It snagged my attention, not only due to its gorgeous burgundy, orange, and yellow blooms and its large size, but also because it looked an awful lot like the flowers my boyfriend, Brian, had recently given me for our six-month anniversary.

On the one hand, I’d been surprised when he’d given me the huge bouquet. First, because anyone who routinely expects to get flowers from the person they’re dating is kind of an arrogant, narcissistic, entitled ass. Second, do people actually celebrate a six-month anniversary of dating? I suppose it was an accomplishment to find someone you could tolerate and remain in ‘like’ with for that long.

But on the other hand, sappy, over-the-top romantic shit like surprise flowers was one of the things I’d gotten used to from Brian over the past six months of our relationship. He was just so thoughtful and sweet and enjoyed doing romantic crap like that. Things like picnics in the park, candlelit homemade dinners, little personalized and thoughtful gifts… Brian knew how to slather on the romance.

Next to the vase of flowers stood the relatively attractive, somewhat new member of our Accounting Department, with a paper party hat shoved on top of his sandy brown hair. As no one else in the room was wearing a party hat, I was going to assume this must be the lucky birthday boy. What was his name?

He hadn’t been working at the brewery all that long and, quite honestly, I wasn’t exactly the most friendly, outgoing dude around. The only reason I knew most of my other coworkers’ names was because I’d been working at the brewery for almost a decade now and there wasn’t a huge rate of turnover, so I’d learned most of their names almost by osmosis. Huh. What was his name? Something with… an R? Maybe?

Screw it. Scooping up another piece of cake, because why in the hell not, I decided to not be a complete goob, and headed over to—Rick? Ryan? Randy?—to at least wish him a ‘Happy Birthday’ before making my escape back to expense report drudgery.

Once I got closer to whatever-his-name and the clump of chitter chatters by him, I was just in time to hear Cindy Walter, the head of our department, exclaim, “Raine!” Oh yeah. Raine… that was the guy’s name. Whatever; I knew it started with an ‘R’. “Raine! Those flowers are simply stunning! You are so lucky! I can’t even remember the last time my Tim bought me flowers. Let alone to have them delivered at work. My goodness! So, who are they from?”