Endangered (Delta Family Romances #7) Read Online Cami Checketts

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An accomplished linguist in extreme danger. A superstar athlete might be her only hope. If only he hadn’t broken her heart years ago.
Kylee Seamons overhears a dangerous secret. With a hitman on her tail she runs for Chandler Delta, the only man she trusts can protect her and get her secret into the right hands. She trusts Chandler with her life, but sadly she can’t trust him with her heart.
Can Chandler rescue Kylee from her duplicitous grandparents, or will his love for her be her downfall?


Chapter One

Kylee Seamons scurried through the stadium gates of Veterans Memorial Stadium, checking over her shoulder to see if she’d shaken her tail.

The answer was a horrifying no, nyet, nein, non.

The lean man with a shaved head and eerie pale blue eyes stayed just close enough to keep her in his sights. She thought she’d lost him several times on the drive from Chicago to Boston, but he always turned up.

He caught her staring and turned away as if he were heading toward the Korean War Memorial.

Her stomach churned—and not because she’d subsisted on jerky, Snickers, and Red Bulls for the past sixteen hours. Had her shadow been sent by her grandmother, or did King Frederick’s man know what she’d overheard? They’d been speaking in Polish and probably assumed if someone overheard them, they couldn’t understand them. Polish wasn’t Kylee’s best language, but it was similar enough to Czech that she understood plenty.

Mimi, as her grandmother demanded Kylee call her, because she was “far too young and beautiful” to be called Grandmother, hadn’t known Kylee was coming by that night. Kylee got cussed regularly for not stopping by. She had been praying for strength that night and felt prompted to go right at that moment. She’d hoped that meant Mimi would be gone or something. It wasn’t easy to endure Mimi’s berating. Her grandfather attempted to counteract the vicious diatribe, but even a pastor couldn’t be that uplifting.

They were her only family, and it was twisted, but she felt she owed it to her deceased parents to keep trying to be there for her grandpa.

She hadn’t meant to sign her own death warrant by visiting them last night.

With all the plastic surgery she’d endured over the years, Mimi certainly didn’t look old enough to be the grandmother of a twenty-seven-year-old linguist and educator. She loathed the fact that Kylee had a figure curvier than Jennifer Lopez’s and people often said she looked like a younger version of the famous actress. Mimi found something to fault about Kylee no matter what she tried. She had tried starving herself and every form of exercise known to womankind. Mostly, she tried to stay in the shadows.

Despite the frustration of hips and a bustline that would make Jessica Rabbit proud, Kylee kept up a diligent exercise routine of walking, Pilates, and dance. She ate healthy … ninety percent of the time. She’d tried to stop eating ice cream for over a year, but that just made her as miserable as visiting Mimi. If she had any extra money, maybe she would hire a personal trainer and a dietitian. The inner-city school district in Chicago she worked at couldn’t pay her any more, no matter how expensive living in the city was, and Kylee was diligent about saving. She refused to be reliant on anyone, most especially Mimi, and was prepared for every rainy day.

There was no one taking money at the gate of the classic stadium in Quincy, Massachusetts, just south of Boston. The lacrosse game had started an hour a half ago, and it had to be in the fourth quarter. Kylee was only grateful she’d made it and said a quick prayer in her head to thank the good Lord. When she’d thought of this plan as she escaped Chicago late last night, she hadn’t known how it would work out, but Chandler Delta was the name that kept coming to her head as she prayed. She hoped it wasn’t just her ten-year obsession with the incredible athlete that women the nation over would give up chocolate, or possibly even ice cream, for one date with.

Kylee had actually kissed the superstar, multiple times, back when they were sixteen. She wasn’t sure that it counted as a relationship to him, but she’d spent the week in Colorado falling in love with Chandler. She’d never forgotten his confident appeal, the way he made her feel valued, or the connection and sparks she’d assumed they had between them. Mimi had seen them together and told Kylee that Chandler was out of her league and would forget her before they climbed on the plane to fly home. Regrettably, Mimi had been dead on. Chandler had easily written her off and forgotten her. He had never once texted or called.