Cipher (Dragon Brides #4) Read Online Kate Rudolph

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Cipher needs a bride if he wants to keep his inheritance…
When an ultimatum sets Cipher on a path to find his bride, his first stop is the Royal Matchmaker. But Cipher doesn’t want just any woman. He needs a perfect lady dragon who can handle all that society has to throw at her. A human with a checkered past will never do.
Not even when he’s certain that she’s his fated mate.
Morgan just needs a way home…
Ditched on a deserted planet, Morgan is losing hope of ever escaping. When a gorgeous alien crash lands on the planet, that hope comes roaring back. Maybe he has a way off the planet.
Or maybe they can just cuddle for warmth.
With Cipher at her side, she just might stand a chance against all the planet can throw at them. But the dragon is blowing hot and cold. And no matter how much her body burns for his, she refuses to give her heart to a man who doesn’t think she’s good enough for him.
But what fate has brought together, no challenge can tear apart.
And when Cipher sets his mind to wooing Morgan for real, she doesn’t stand a chance at resisting him.



Cipher sat in his mother’s salon with a growing sense of doom burbling in his gut. He was an adult, the oldest of her three children, and for some reason he still feared that she would send him to his quarters in shame for some mischief he and his brothers had done.

He eyed Storm and Drake, who sat on either side of him. Drake looked pleasant as always, while Storm lived up to his name, danger brewing in his gaze. He hadn’t seen his brothers in weeks, each of them sent to far reaches of the planet on their mother’s business.

They hadn’t done anything wrong.

That didn’t convince his nerves of anything.

A servant opened the door and their mother glided in. She was nearly as tall as her three sons, an icy, elegant woman who could make weaker debutantes cry with a single raised eyebrow. And she surveyed Cipher and his brothers like she was preparing to send them to war.

She settled in behind her desk and Cipher’s dread bloomed. She was up to something. She always had her little plots and schemes, often playing him and his brothers against one another until she got exactly what she wanted. They’d learned to outwit her, or at least outrun her since they’d become adults.

But she knew their tricks even better than they knew hers.

“I’ve accepted an assignment from King Venin,” she announced. She was always careful to give his majesty his due, even in private. He was never my brother or your uncle, but always the king.

Neither he nor his brothers asked questions. Any interest could be a weakness, and they wouldn’t open themselves up to exploit this quickly.

Her gaze raked over them, fire banked deep in her amber eyes. “I’m set to represent the king and his government as the governor of a new dragon colony. I’ve agreed to one year. The three of you will be responsible for managing my affairs while I’m away.”

Cipher took a deeper breath than he should have and was caught in his mother’s gaze. But he could handle it. It meant she didn’t notice Storm flinch.

She let the announcement hang for a long moment before continuing. “It’s long past time I’ve named my heir. You have until I return to prove your worth. And I will not play games with our legacy. If you are not wed to suitable matches by the time I return, you’ll be disqualified. I’ve arranged meetings with the matchmaker for all of you. Don’t disappoint me.”

He could feel the heat of those words, even though she kept her fire tightly banked.

“Mother!” Drake objected, nearly coming out of his seat in outrage.

Cipher sighed. He did his best to protect his brothers, but he couldn’t help them if they called down their mother’s fury on themselves.

He let the condition roll around his mind while his mother laid out, in no uncertain terms, exactly what she expected of them in the next year. Cipher had never given his heart to another, had never seen a reason.

If he were honest, which was a dangerous thought in his mother’s salon, he’d been hoping he’d find his mate.

He was a fool. Fated mates were a gift from the stars and rare enough that waiting for one was absurd.

And yet, his three royal cousins had all found their mates. Two of them with humans, no less. The news had first rocked all of the dragon kingdom, but as the newest dragon brides had settled into their roles, they’d proved to all that they cared for their new land.

But Cipher had to let the dream of his mate go.

Finding a woman his mother approved of would be difficult enough. Hoping she was his fated mate was an impossible wish he could not afford to keep.