Charmed by the Enemy (The Trouble with Weddings #4) Read Online Kaylee Monroe

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The last person I expected to run into at my brother’s destination wedding was the man who’d helped betray my father and ruined our family.
Levi, once one of my best friends and my secret crush, was now my mortal enemy. And now, we were on this small island together, and Levi was a temptation I couldn’t resist.
I wanted to hate Levi for his deceit, but it didn’t take long for that unforgotten attraction between us to burn bright enough to shift us from enemies to red hot lovers. I swore I was just getting him out of my system and this time I’d be the one to walk away unscathed, but I didn’t count on Levi breaking down all of my defenses and leave me wanting more than I should.
But when our time together on the island was over, could we put our past differences behind us and find our own happily ever after?

*Each novella in The Trouble with Weddings Series is full of sweet, insta-love romance, fun, steamy flings, and swoony heroes. Love is definitely in the air!




I stared out the airplane window with childlike wonder, my nose literally pressed against the glass as I watched us get closer to the teardrop-shaped island that was our destination. When we left New York hours ago, we were surrounded by white, fluffy clouds. But now, it was all blue sky around us and endless water below. I could see everything for miles and miles.

I’d never been to a tropical island before, and the excitement made me giddy as the pilot announced our approach, telling us to lift up our table trays and buckle our seatbelts. My mother was sitting next to me, with my father on her other side. Mom was a nervous flyer, so she’d had three drinks during the flight, but the Chardonnay wasn’t enough to keep her from tensing up as the plane started its descent.

“Summer, close the window,” Dad said, grabbing her hand.

She held onto him so tightly that her knuckles turned white. I pulled down the window covering, even though I liked the view. I figured I’d get the chance to take in plenty of breathtaking sights over the next week, anyway.

We weren’t here just for a vacation. My brother, Michael, was getting married on Pompeo Island this weekend. We’d be here for seven days, participating in parties and group activities leading up to the wedding on Saturday afternoon. I was thrilled for him. He was committing to the love of his life, and I was gaining a sister, which I’d always wanted.

After getting off the plane, we went through the mundane process of collecting our luggage and picking up the rental car that my dad had reserved in advance. Before long, we were on the road, heading for the hotel where the friends and family here for the wedding would be staying all week.

I once again found myself staring out the window, looking at the ocean, the palm trees, and all the tourists on the sand. It turned out that the hotel was located right on the beach and I couldn’t wait to explore the area. My dad had booked our rooms, so he took care of checking us in while Mom and I waited nearby.

Suddenly, a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist from behind and I was lifted into the air and spun around. I let out a squeal and slapped my brother’s hands, knowing that it could only be him. When I was back on my feet, I turned to face Michael, who was smiling ear-to-ear.

“How was your flight, Short Stuff?”

“You know I hate when you call me that,” I replied, ducking away from him as he attempted to ruffle my hair. “Don’t think you can get away with it just because this is your big week.”

“It’s not my fault that you’re fun-sized.”

I glared at him. I was at least a foot shorter than Michael at five feet, three inches, and he’d teased me about our height difference since we were kids. But he also didn’t let anyone else get away with it. He was a protective big brother, despite also being a pain in my ass.

“Okay, knock it off, you two,” Dad said as he walked over with the room keys in his hand. “You’re thirty years old, don’t act like kids.”

“Hey, he’s thirty,” I pointed out. “I’m still in my prime.”

An amused smile flitted across Dad’s face. Our bickering was light-hearted, not like when we were kids and used to have big blowout fights over just about everything. These days, Michael and I had a close relationship, which probably had something to do with the fact that we were only two years apart in age.

“Where’s my future daughter-in-law?” Mom asked, glancing around the lobby.

“Running herself ragged,” Michael said, shaking his head. “But you know, she loves it. Organizing and planning, making lists, she enjoys all that stuff. So, this week-long wedding celebration is right up her alley.”