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I was happy. I had finally won–the past was behind me, my enemies dead, and my mate at my side as we jointly ruled our pack. Or so I thought.
Being Alpha isn’t easy, and bad blood lingers between our elders. Fights and distrust hover like unwanted pests, our pack a tinderbox set to explode with only a single spark.
To make matters worse, loose ends with the vampires threaten our safety, and that last thing I want is more dead cubs. I’d kill every vampire in the west if that’s what it would take, but it seems there’s something bigger at play, pulling the strings for all supernaturals. I promised my pack peace, and I’d do anything to give it to them–even if it cost me my own life.


Chapter 1


I was happy. More than happy–I was ecstatic.

I walked around for the next few days after our return to Yellowstone with a stupid grin on my face, and I didn’t give any fucks. I had the fiercest, most beautiful mate by my side, and our pack had expanded by adding the new members from Yosemite. Not everything had been completely smooth, but that was to be expected any time the balance was upset or readjusted in a pack. The few males that had joined us from Yosemite were given very clear expectations on how to treat the females, and Aniyah was quickly breaking them of old prejudices by personally leading their training herself.

To keep everyone in line, including Aniyah, I made it a habit to be out with them as much as possible, if only just to watch the sparks fly.


I raised an eyebrow at one of the Yosemite males, who was likely incensed at having been put on his back again by Aniyah. His face turned beet red when he saw me watching, but he simply picked himself off the ground and stomped away. Bailey might technically be his Alpha, but he wasn’t going to mess with me. Messing with another pack’s Alpha generally wasn’t a healthy idea.

“Take a water break. And be sure to stretch,” Aniyah commanded as she turned toward me, ignoring the grumbling behind her. She beckoned me over.

“Everything going ok?” I asked, keeping one eye on the Yosemite males.

Aniyah rolled her eyes. “It’s my own fault for complaining about being bored. Then what do I get? An entire new pack to train, and they’re all chauvinists to boot. Most of them had a sudden change in opinion after the first few blows to the head. Only a few are holding out. I’d give it another week or so.”

It was hard to miss how Aniyah’s gaze drifted to three specific males, including the one who’d been about to cuss her out. I swore to keep a closer eye on them.

“Otherwise, it’s great to have more people for patrol,” she continued. “Maybe I’ll even get a night off with my own mate at some point!” Aniyah grinned then frowned. “If they can be brought up to speed, that is. Not used to working, this lot.”

I bit back the growl that rumbled in my chest. From what Bailey had told me, the Yosemite pack had forced the females to do all the work while the males lazed about. “You don’t have to tell me.”

Aniyah caught the warning tone in my voice and wisely changed the subject. “That David kid seems nice though. Bailey’s friend, right? A little terrified of the other males, but he spends a lot of time around Brett and that older Yosemite female Kendra. He might be someone I could trust to lead a patrol in the future.” Her brow furrowed. “If I can get him to stop running from his own shadow.”

I sighed. “I’ve been meaning to talk to him myself anyway. He used to patrol for Yosemite, so he’s familiar with most of the neutral territory. Thanks for the update.”

Aniyah nodded and barked at the men to get back to work. I stifled my grin and headed to a group of cabins now inhabited by the Yosemite pack members. It was going to be odd having two packs cohabiting together, but so far it was working.

I knocked politely on the first door I came across, not quite remembering who was inside. I hoped to run into David, but I’d been meaning to check on the other females. I needed to reassure them that they were safe, and that they could trust me. The latter would take time, but I needed to be visible and present with them as much as I could to get the ball rolling.

“Oh, uh—hello.” My eyes went wide as I came face-to-face with none other than Bailey’s mother. Embarrassment was the first thing I felt. As the mother of my mate, I should have personally checked in on her the first night she arrived. Now I was tongue-tied and standing stupidly on her front step.