Captured by Wolves (Shifter Moon #1) Read Online Fiona Starr

Categories Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi, Paranormal, Romance Tags Authors: Series: Shifter Moon Series by Fiona Starr

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A hacker witch with a price on her head, three wolf princes without a throne, and a destiny none of them expected.

Tonight’s the night. One last job and I am out of here. After years of being an indentured witch, hacking and stealing for the mob, I am done.
But I won’t be leaving empty handed…
I’ll be taking a large portion of my boss’ cash while also relieving him of my magical marker that’s he’s held over me for years. And I won’t be leaving alone apparently, because when I break into his secret dungeon, I discover a man in chains. He’s a tall, dark, and tragically wounded, and based on the security around him, he’s pretty valuable, so I take him too.
Imagine my surprise when he opens his eyes and shouts, but not in fear—he’s carrying on about how he’s found the one. I think he might be crazy because I think he might mean me.
I’d leave him behind if not for his eyes… they are full of deep pain and raise a longing within me like I’ve never known. I should be long gone, but abandoning him is not an option. Then his brothers arrive and I find that I am leaving, only now in the rear of a panel van with my hands tied behind my back.
Not exactly what I had planned.
I’m not supposed to be here, but they look at me like I am exactly what they ordered—their appetizer, dinner and dessert. All I wanted was my freedom. But there’s something about the three of them, something I can’t deny.
I never expected this. I never expected them.




I watch on the monitors as the six men dressed in black sneak up under the cameras at the location across town. The closed-circuit security system is state-of-the-art as far as tech goes, but it’s still no match for a magic user with hacking skills like mine.

“Ok, Witch. We’re at the first door.” Dmitri’s voice is thick with his Russian accent, his slow manner, and his contempt for my kind. Contempt I’ve grown used to hearing from him and so many people all of my life. None of these wolves likes working with me, and the feeling is mutual.

But I’m their best kept secret—a prisoner with magical security-busting skills, a woman-in-the-chair who cracks firewalls, steals data, and opens secure doors for these wolf thieves without tripping alarms.

They complain to their boss that I talk too much and that I won’t sleep with them, but Malovich takes care when it comes to me. He can’t let them treat me the way I’ve seen so many other women be treated here by these men. He can’t afford for me to lose my edge or risk making me that unhappy.

I close my eyes and push my awareness forward, reaching through and feeling around inside the bank’s security network until I locate the wire I need. With a flick of my wrist, I send the magical spark through the internet. I can feel it traveling along cable and air, over wireless and wired connections. My spark soars up into the atmosphere where it is bounced along the satellites with so much other digital noise. It dives back down and into the bank, following my guidance to a certain wire where it blocks the signal, effectively killing the sensors and the alarm on the door.

I open my eyes because I have to see them to keep track of where they are, but it makes it so hard to concentrate on the hack when I have to keep up with all of this visual input.

“First door is clear,” I whisper into the mic on my headset.

The team scurries like a bunch of black ants through the door and across the screen where they stop and wait.

“Second door, Witch.” Dmitri’s breath is slow and steady—the man doesn’t get nervous. He isn’t concerned about getting caught—that’s my job. A job I take seriously, because if anything happens to him or his men, then it’s my life that’s over.

It’s a slow process breaking them into the vault because each section of the bank’s security network is separate from the others. The system works like dominoes, one alarm tripped will trigger the rest, so I can only hack one node of the complicated web at a time.

A few more doors and a few more wires and then it’s the big safe. Sweat trickles down my back as I balance the spells required to disrupt the security system while also unlocking and moving the gigantic, electrified steel door to the vault miles away.

From this distance across town, it’s taking everything I’ve got and pushing me well beyond what I thought were my limits.

“Vault opening. Step back.” My voice is shaking from exhaustion, but we’re almost there. They’re almost in.