Breathing in Sin (The Sinful Eight #6) Read Online E.C. Land

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No one said life had a guidebook to help make it through times like now. One that led me to him. If they had I would have taken a different path all together. Instead, I struck a deal with him giving him the control over all that is me. Unfortunately, I didn’t know my heart would be on the line same as my next breath as danger comes to his door.




The sound of rain hitting the window awakens me from a deep sleep, and I close my eyes as my mind wanders back to another time in my life. Thunder and lightning harmoniously rumble and flash outside. “Your father is dead . . .” The words echo through my mind. My father left us five years ago, and I’m still bitter that he didn’t leave our mother anything . . . He left all his children a club, but my mother didn’t get anything from him except child support after they divorced.

I roll over in frustration and glance at the high-tech clock on the nightstand. It’s almost three p.m., and I need to get up so I can meet Damiano for dinner before he opens the club. My plane landed late last night, and I didn’t get into bed until five A.M. I haven’t been back to Chicago since Ashleigh came to work for me last year. So, I get up and get in the shower. The spray chills my skin until it finally heats up. My thoughts go back to my father.

Nicholas Sin wasn’t one for staying in one place too long, but he’d make sure to come to see Damiano and me. That is at least once a year . . . that’s about it because he was too busy spending time with my other siblings—or moving on from one family to the next. When my mom was finally able to get over my father leaving her, she met Ashton—my stepdad.

Mom was happy and living her dream life. When I was eleven years old, Ashleigh was born. Damiano and I had a little sister to protect, and we took that job seriously. We were a happy family, but all those years of happiness were ruined when Ashton was killed in a car accident. My mom still hasn’t recovered from losing him. She never will. It’s hard to recover from losing someone who loved you unconditionally.

As I finish with my shower, I turn the water off and dry off. The sound of my cell phone echoing through the hotel room alerts me that I’ve stayed in the shower too long. I wrap the white, fluffy towel around my waist and walk out into the bedroom where I left my phone, and I glance at the screen. My brother.

“What’s up?” I casually answer.

“Are we still on for dinner?”

“Yeah, we’re still on. That is unless you have to cancel.”

“I don’t need to cancel. What time do you want to meet?”

“Five work? Blue Jay opens then, but I’m sure I can get us a table before then.”

“Five works for me. I’ll see you there.” I don’t bother waiting to see if he needs to say anything further and end the call.

I have some time to get dressed and pour a drink. Some days I miss being in Chicago, but it hasn’t been my home for a while. Virginia Beach became my home when I opened the club, and it became even more of a home when Ashleigh came to work for me as my assistant. Even though she can drive me insane most days, I’m glad she’s down there with me.

The hotel has a bar, and I grab a glass and open the shot-size bottles to pour in my glass. I walk over to the window and look down on the Chicago River. The city has changed, but so much is still the same. Clouds prevent me from seeing too far into the city and the darkness of the day puts me in a dark mood. I down my drink, hoping for a slight buzz.

I call downstairs to the concierge to order a driver for me, and the driver will be available in twenty minutes.

I freshen up, making sure I look good, and head downstairs. The driver is waiting on me when I arrive.

“I need to go to Blue Jay,” I state.

“Yes, sir.” He opens the door, and I get into the black Mercedes.

I pull my phone out of my slacks and text Damiano letting him know I’m on my way to the restaurant. Twenty minutes later, the driver opens my door, and I get out.

“Sir, do you need me to pick you up?”

“Yes, please.”

He pulls a card out of his pocket. “Text me when you’re ready, and I’ll be waiting right here.”

“Thank you.” I pull my wallet out of my back pocket and tip him $100.