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Accidental Acquisition - Kindred

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Evangeline Anderson

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Jillian goes to the market to buy ingredients for soup…but winds up accidentally buying a huge Kindred warrior instead.
Kalis wants to love and protect her, but he has a dark side–he turns into a huge, green Grizzly bear. Can Jillian get past her fear to accept his love and devotion? And can Kalis save her from her shady ex?
Read Accidental Acquisition to find out!
Milk–check. Eggs–check. Bread–check. One huge, muscular bodyguard who I now own exclusively…Wait! That wasn’t on the list!
Jillian Marks is an Executive Chef at a Kindred restaurant on the Mother Ship. Every Monday she goes to the Buy-All-Sell-All Market to get exotic, hard-to-find ingredients for her menu. But this time she’s made an accidental purchase–one she didn’t expect. While trying to buy soup ingredients for a special VIP dinner, she mistakenly buys a bodyslave as well–a huge, muscular Kindred warrior named Kalis, whom she now owns. And did we mention there are absolutely no returns, refunds, or exchanges?
Kalis was captured and taken as a fighter in the Blood Circuit in his early twenties. Now, in his early fifties, he’s used to serving a Mistress. And since he’s been dreaming of Jillian for the past two years, all he wants to do is love and protect her. But he has another side–a darker side that comes to light when his new Mistress is threatened. Kalis is a B’varren Kindred who can turn, at will, into an enormous Ursus–a terrifying beast resembling a Grizzly bear.
Once Jillian sees his beast come out, she really doesn’t want anything to do with her accidental purchase. But Kalis slowly wins her over, proving that he’s good in the kitchen and the bedroom…not just the Blood Circuit. But in order to bond her to him, he must let her tame the beast inside him–which Jillian does *not* want to do.
It looks like a hopeless case of buyer’s remorse when she gets lured down to Earth by her shady ex. Can Kalis get her out of the terrible trouble she finds herself in? And can Jillian ever accept and tame his beast?
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Evangeline Anderson


“I’m sorry, but there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges of any kind.” The Mistress who ran the stall folded her arms over her bare breasts and looked down her long nose at Jillian. “I thought I made that clear when you bought the thaelite in the first place.”

“But…but I thought I was only paying for the thaelite itself,” Jillian protested, staring at the woman. “You sold me a person!”

She gestured to the huge, muscular warrior at her side, who was standing with his arms crossed over his broad chest and staring impassively into the distance.

He looked kind of like a Kindred—at least he had the size of one. He was at least seven feet tall with shoulders fully twice as broad as her own. But his eyes were green and silver and they almost seemed to glow—Jillian didn’t know of any Kindred with eyes like that.

The bodyslave also had thick dark hair which was iron gray at the temples and a neatly trimmed salt and pepper beard. Given the gray in his hair, he might be in his late forties or early fifties—it was hard to tell, Jillian thought. At any rate, he was in amazing shape, so only the hair and a few crow’s feet around his piercing silver-green eyes gave away his age, which was probably five or six years older than her own.

The warrior bodyslave was dressed like he came out of a gladiator movie. He was bare-chested, which showed off his massive arms as well as the many scars on his back and chest. He looked liked he’d been in some pretty fierce fights, Jillian thought, eyeing him warily. From the waist down all he had on was a short leather kilt, which showed off thighs like tree trunks—proving he didn’t skip leg day—and brown leather boots.

He was currently just standing there, arms crossed, staring straight ahead while Jillian argued with his former Mistress. If he had any thoughts on the fact that Jillian was trying to “return” him, they didn’t show on his stern features.

“Look, I didn’t mean to buy him!” she argued with the stall owner, who was still looking down her from her rather imposing height, since she was wearing stilt-like heels that were almost three feet tall. If she hadn’t also been wearing a dress that prominently displayed her bare breasts, hidden only by a thin veil of see-through silk, the shoes would have been the most arresting thing about her.

“I made everything perfectly clear when you bought the thaelite,” the woman snapped. “It’s not my fault if you’re too stupid to understand!”

“That’s really insulting!” Jillian exclaimed. “And you tricked me into buying him!”

“I did nothing of the sort.” The woman’s eyes—which happened to be an improbable shade of lavender—flashed dangerously. “And as I said before, there are absolutely no refunds, returns, or exchanges!” She leaned down from her stilt-like heels and stared into Jillian’s face. “Let me put this in a way you can understand—Kalis is now your bodyslave, bound and sworn to you for life. You are stuck with him.”

“My old Mistress is correct. I am yours, little Mistress,” the huge warrior rumbled. Then he knelt in the dust of the marketplace right at Jillian’s feet. Even kneeling, he was so big they were almost eye-to-eye. “I will serve you always,” he said, looking deep into Jillian’s eyes. “I will pleasure you and protect you from any who wish to harm you. To the last drop of my blood and the last breath of air in my body, I dedicate myself to you completely.”

“Oh…” Jillian whispered, looking into those deep silver-green eyes. “Oh God, what am I going to do?”

She stared at the huge bodyslave in dismay, nervously tucking a sheaf of wheat-blonde hair behind her ear and nibbling her lower lip as she tried to think. How had she gotten herself into such a sticky situation? If only she’d stayed down on Earth instead of moving up to the Kindred Mother Ship in the first place, this never would have happened.

This is all Brad’s fault! she thought ruefully.

She shook her head, not wanting to think of her ex. Though if she was honest, Brad was the main reason she had come to the Mother Ship in the first place. But she never would have given him the time of day if she hadn’t been so lonely.

Lonely and stupid, whispered a little voice in her head. Stupid not to realize what kind of guy Brad was in the first place. You worked in Vegas long enough to know a shark when you saw one. But no—you closed your eyes to all the signs because you wanted so badly to be loved…

Jillian had been working as the Executive Chef of The Palms, an upscale steakhouse in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. It wasn’t easy to be a woman in the male-dominated world of fine dining—a fact she’d learned the hard way as she was climbing the ladder. The culinary world could be cutthroat and filled with nineteen-hour days. There was no time for a husband or kids.