A New Dawn (The Escape #4) Read Online Nikila Rose

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Can yesterday’s darkness become a new dawn?

I’m on the run from the man I love. ‘Cause sometimes even epic love isn’t enough.
It’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life… however long that turns out to be.
My best option is to hide on a different continent and create a new life. That’s when I get thrown the biggest curveball yet. And just for a moment, a happily ever after seems in reach.
But Tiero vowed to find me. It’s surely only a matter of time.
A showdown is inevitable. How will this all end?




I’m sitting in my darkened office. I want it dark. It fits my mood.

A dimmed desk lamp lets me see just enough, as does the hint of moonlight through the open window.

I let out a long breath as I tap my finger against the rim of my whiskey glass. Picking it up, I down it in one motion. This is top shelf shit, but it might as well be water.

Ella has been gone for precisely seventeen days.

The longest fucking seventeen days of my life.

Not knowing where she is, and if she is safe… I can hardly breathe.

Not being able to see her, hear her voice, or touch her—it’s pure torture.

I cannot live without this woman.

I need her in my life. And more than that, I need her love.

Yes, I know she ran. But she does love me, I’m certain of it. She said so, and Ella would never lie. Besides that, I felt it… deep in my soul.

Whatever had her spooked, made her flee, we’ll work it out together.

Mauro and Sergio, two of my capos and their teams, are still in Switzerland searching for her. Mauro found the Bed & Breakfast where she stayed after she got off the train in Lucerne, but the trail goes cold there.

She couldn’t have just disappeared. They will find a lead; I have to believe that, or I will go insane.

Currently, though, there’s no trace of her. This means one of three things.

Either someone is helping her, or Molinaro got to her before I could. But if he had her, why would he wait to use her against me?

Or the third possibility, Ella is outwitting us all. I’ve underestimated her before. It’s possible she has us all fooled with her air of innocence. Perhaps she’s escaped to some remote alpine region. To find her there would take time. But I want her back now.

I get up abruptly from my desk chair, the force of my movement sending it flying backward. I pace my office like a caged lion, rubbing my neck.

Have I ever felt so tense in my life?

I’ve waited years, a lifetime even, for Ella to come into my life. How did I lose her in the first month? Yeah, I fucked up… but how did I fuck up that badly?

My computer pings with an incoming message and my phone rings at the same time.


“Any news?” I ask without a greeting.

“Man, when it rains, it pours.”

“Fuck. What now?”

“Open your email. I’ve sent you pictures.”

I sit down at my desk again and bring my computer to life. Opening the message from my brother, a set of pictures confronts me.

“That fucking cunt,” I curse. “Where is he now?”

“Dead. As are the three men with him.”

“What?” I yell into the phone as I study the photos. They show Mauro, one of my most trusted capos with Molinaro. The picture is slightly grainy as if it’s taken in low light, but it’s definitely them.

“When and where was this?”

“Switzerland yesterday.”

“Who took the picture?”

“Antonio. Mauro said something on the phone that made him suspicious. He and a few of his men drove to Switzerland to investigate and found him with Molinaro. When they went to confront Mauro at his hotel, he and everybody with him were dead.”

“Antonio didn’t follow protocol. He should have told us.”

I’m fuming. Something about this is off.

“He claims there was no time.”

“Bullshit. He had hours on his trip to Switzerland to call. We have rules for a reason. There is something he’s not telling us. Bring him in. I have questions and—“

“Go easy on him,” Mateo interrupts. “He found our mole. He just wants to be the hero. You know he’s angling for consigliere when Emiliano retires.

“The mole is eliminated, Tiero. That’s all that matters. Too bad we can’t deal with him ourselves. I would have liked to see him die slowly for his betrayal.”

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

Mauro was sent to Switzerland to find Ella. And if he worked for Molinaro, that can only mean one thing. He fed the information he found on her to my enemy. No wonder he had nothing to report. I want to murder him myself!

Thank fuck Santino vetted and cleared Sergio already.

“Tell Sergio to keep digging in Lucerne. In the meantime, we must deal with Molinaro once and for all. With Ella missing, I can’t take any chances.