Worth the Risk (Worth It #1) Read Online Kristin Lynn

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“If something happened to you, I wouldn’t survive it.”
Harper has known Nolan for years, but she’s always kept her true feelings for him hidden. As the therapist for a human trafficking shelter, she works closely with Nolan, part of the FBI Human Trafficking Task Force, and a former Air Force Pararescueman. He’s always been strictly professional with her, and she’s always assumed he was out of her league.
Harper doesn’t know about Nolan’s past, though, and Nolan doesn’t see Harper’s insecurities. With a chance discovery and a little push from his friends, the pair develop a friendship that puts them both on the path towards healing. With healing comes redemption, and the courage to face their fears together.
What Harper and Nolan don’t realize, though, is that a human trafficker has them in his crosshairs. He blames them both for interfering in his business and rescuing women he considers his property. He’s planning his revenge, and he won’t allow anyone to stop him. When Harper’s selflessness puts her in grave.




I’d just grabbed my lunch out of the office fridge when Ally Clark, a fellow member of the FBI’s Human Trafficking Task Force, rushed up to me. “One of my informants just called me,” she said, excitement evident in her voice. “He’s at his job at the Euphoria Inn, and one of the pimps he’s seen before is there right now, with a girl and another man. I’m pretty sure from the description that she’s one of Eddie’s girls.”

“Great work,” I told her, returning my food to the fridge. As the team leader of the task force at the DC office, it was my call what to do with the information. We’d been after Eddie Frasier for weeks, and any chance we had to catch him, I was going to take. One of his survivors had escaped and given us information on him, and once we’d found out that a lot of his business happened in sleazy motels, my team had prepared a stack of pre-written warrants, just waiting for a hotel name, a date, and a judge’s signature. “Did you fill out --,” I started to ask, but Ally interrupted me.

“Yep, here’s the warrant,” she said, holding it up for me to see, since I was so much taller than her. “I already filled it out, I just need your approval to send it to the judge.”

“Great. Go ahead and email it to Judge Warner’s clerk,” I told her. “I’ll call and tell them to be on the lookout for it. His office knows the situation.”

“Got it,” she said, hurrying back to her desk.

A few minutes later, Ally and I had gathered the team in the conference room for a briefing, and I allowed her to take charge, since it was her lead.

“My informant, Khenan Abdullah, is part of the cleaning crew at Euphoria Inn,” Ally began the briefing. “As some of you may remember, we rescued one of his sisters from a sex trafficking situation last year, and since then, he’s given us a few tips that have panned out. His workplace is used pretty often for sex work— some prostitution, but as far we can tell, it’s mostly trafficking. Today he let us know that two men and a young woman rented two rooms for the day. The woman has the Christmas tree tattoo that our target, Eddie Frasier, tags all of his girls with, meaning she’s most likely there under duress. She also meets the description of a girl named May who we’ve met a few times before, but so far has refused help.”

“The warrant has been submitted to Judge Warner, and he knows how urgent this is,” I announced once Ally was done. “We should get a call any minute now, so everyone needs to get their vests and weapons, and be on standby.”

“Also, we’ll have medics staged nearby, as well as Grace from St. Christopher’s Refuge, until we call them in,” Ally added as the team began to exit, headed towards the locker room.

Fifteen minutes later, we’d arrived at the Euphoria Inn, a broken down, one-story building with ten rooms on each side. Each room had a door going straight to the outside. We presented our warrant to the manager on duty, who appeared flustered with ten armed FBI agents milling around the motel. He quickly handed us several keys that he assured me would open every door, clearly wanting us out of there sooner rather than later. They were heavy, metal keys, not the lightweight cards that most hotels use now.

I knew motels like this one did a lot of business that wasn’t exactly legal, and I figured at least part of the reason the manager was so cooperative was that he wanted us to wrap up our business quickly. I was sure he didn’t want us extending our visit, or poking around anything other than exactly what we were there for.