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When He's Wild (Walker Security - Adrian’s Trilogy #3)

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Lisa Renee Jones

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The third and final book in a Walker Security trilogy featuring Adrian Ramos...
He was dirty, then he was bad, now he's just plain wild. Like all the men of Walker Security, when he fell for his woman, he fell hard. Some might call his love for Priscilla a weakness, but you might as well call her a weapon.
You hurt her, vengeance is coming and his name is Adrian.

Adrian's Trilogy:
When He's Dirty (book one)
When He's Bad (book two)
When He's Wild (book three)
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Walker Security - Adrian's Trilogy Series by Lisa Renee Jones

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Lisa Renee Jones


Adrian Mack—34, goatee, dark wavy hair, six-foot-one. Hero of the story. Former FBI agent. Was once undercover with the Devils biker gang, and is now set to testify against Nick Waters, the leader of the gang. Now a prominent member of Walker Security.

Priscilla “Pri” Miller—32, brunette, blue eyes. Heroine of the story. Assistant District Attorney. Used to work for her father’s law firm before she decided she wanted to put away the bad guys instead and went to work as an ADA.

Rafael—Younger brother to Adrian Mack. Rock star Latin singer.

Blake Walker—One of the three owning members/brothers of Walker Security.

Lucas “Lucifer” Remington—Walker Security team member. Blond, tattooed, rock god type looks. Pilot.

Savage—Walker Security team member. Former surgeon and special ops.

Dexter— Walker Security team member.

Adam— Walker Security team member.

Kirk Pitt— FBI agent, was undercover with Adrian. Handsome face, big and broad.

Ed Melbourn—District Attorney. Pri’s boss. 50’s. Fit, a big man, with thick salt-and-pepper hair, broad shoulders, and a broader presence. Single. Ex-military.

Nick Waters—King Devil, club founder, 42, brutally vicious, sports a dark beard with hints of gray, but doesn’t drink or do drugs. He just peddles drugs, weapons, and women, while pumping iron, and adding new tattoos. Green eyes.

Grace—Pri’s co-worker. 30, blonde, green eyes, in a relationship with Josh, shy.

Josh—Used to be the detective for the DA’s office, but now has turned to private sector work. In a relationship with Grace. Light brown hair, strong, classically handsome features.

Jose Deleon—Waters’ right-hand man, his assassin, most likely responsible for the murders of the witnesses.

Cindy—Newest ADA, straight out of school, petite, feisty, pretty blonde.

Logan Michaels—Pri’s ex-fiancé, works with her father still. blond pretty-boy, clean-shaven jaw. Cheated on Pri with her secretary.

Mr. Miller—Pri’s father. Owns his own firm. Pri used to work for him, Logan still does.

Mrs. Miller—Pri’s mother. Wants Pri to come back to their family firm, refused to go out of town to stay safe during the case Pri is working on.

Chapter One


I should have Pri on a plane, getting the hell out of Texas right now.

That’s what my gut is telling me. That’s what every part of me is telling me. Instead, I’m in a surveillance van with Blake and Lucifer outside Pri’s favorite Italian restaurant while she’s inside at a table, waiting for her parents to join her. They’re late now by ten minutes, and her father doesn’t strike me as a man to be late.

And so, the three of us just sit in this cracker jack box like sardines waiting for the top to explode. And that’s exactly what it feels like my world might do tonight: explode.

We should not fucking be here.

I remind myself that just as I want to protect Pri, I’m doing this for Pri, taking a risk with her, for her, and because I get why she needs this. She wants to convince her parents to go into hiding, despite knowing they are most likely being bought and paid for by the King Devil, Waters himself. The very man Pri is trying to convict for countless crimes, while I await my role as a star witness. Despite this, ironically, because of all of this, she’s afraid for her family. She loves her parents. The problem is that I know how love can flow in one direction.

I loved my brother. I would have died for my brother before he made me kill him. It came down to him or me. I knew he’d choose himself. I always knew. But we, as human beings, need to save those we love. We have to try. I can’t deny her the chance to save her parents now before we leave, because when she disappears—and she will tonight—they will become targets. At the very least, their safety will be leverage to lure her out of hiding.

But all of that doesn’t change one thing: we’re tempting the devil tonight, the King Devil, daring Waters to kill us both before we destroy him at trial—the beautiful, fearless ADA and the former FBI agent willing to testify against him standing in his face and daring him to kill us.

I’m leaning over Lucifer’s shoulder as he manages the audio feed from Pri’s bracelet and pairs it to the camera feed we’ve set-up both inside and outside the restaurant when Logan walks to the door of the restaurant. Logan is Pri’s ex, who works for her father, and by all indications, has been corrupted by Waters right along with her parents, most likely before her parents. He’s dirty as sin, a man who’d hurt Pri to save himself. I’m already reaching for the door, intending to go beat his ass and save my woman, when Blake grabs my arm. “Stay the fuck here.”

“I will not let him hurt her.”

“I know you love her, man,” he states. “You don’t even have to say it, but that means you need to stay alive to stay with her. Adam is inside with her. And so is our man Beckham. He flew in tonight to be here for you. You trust them both.”