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Brylee -
It's was supposed to be a one-time thing which quickly turned into two, and then three. Don’t ask me how, but now I can't seem count the times on one hand, let alone two. I'm in trouble.
I never intended for this to be something more, but he has the ability to keep drawing me back in. He's coming for me. He's always wanted more, but this time, I don't think he's going to let me go.

Tyson -
I'm her dirty little secret, the guy who she comes running to whenever she's home from college, and up until now, I've loved it Brylee is that one girl that I've always put up on a pedestal and that exactly where she deserves to be.
But I'm done. I want to be all in, but I refuse to be the guy who waits around for some girl, only to be kicked to the curb later on. Brylee Anderson has a choice to make and she better make it fast. I'm giving her one last shot.

WARNING: The Broken Hill Boys Series is a Young Adult / New Adult Romance filled with LOL moments, teenage angst, and of course, all the swoon worthy moments I know you’re all dying for. The Broken Hill Boys Series is made up of five Novellas, each approximately 30K words and writen in Dual POV between the two main characters.
This series is recommended for mature readers due to cursing and sexual content. If this offends you, then steer clear of this bad boy romance! For everyone else, dive in and have fun!
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Broken Hill Boys Series by Sheridan Anne

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Chapter 1


My arm curls around her waist, drawing her in as I try to remember her name. Screw it. I don’t need it anyway. She’ll only be hanging around for another hour or two. The only one who should be worried about a name is her when she’s screaming mine out later, and I can assure you that any chick at this party, already knows who the fuck I am.

The music booms in my ears as I bring the glass bottle to my lips and tip it up. This beer tastes like warm piss, but in order to get a new one, I’d have to step away from this girl and right now, her ass is grinding back into my dick and it feels too fucking good to step away.

I glance across the room to find my best friend, Jesse, being led up the stairs toward his bedroom by his girlfriend, Kaylah. He nods my way before disappearing completely out of sight. Jess and Kaylah have been together for nearly a year now and the second we took over the roles as the fucking kings of Broken Hill High, the world has been mine for the taking.

Everyone who knows us either wants to fuck us, be us, or join us, and I’m absolutely fine with that, especially as Jesse is loyal as fuck to Kaylah, meaning where pussy is concerned, it’s all coming my way.

My hand rests against this chick’s waist as she dances upon me. She thrusts her ass back into me and I groan as she continues to move. This one is a little cock tease and I fucking love it. My hand travels down her toned waist and slips into the waistband of her bikini bottoms as bodies crowd around us, dancing and losing themselves to the music, completely unaware of what’s going on around them.

My hand continues its descent until my fingers are brushing over her clit. I grin, finding her already soaking wet and apply a little pressure as I rub small circles. The girl arches her back, thrusting her tits out as she drops her head back to my shoulder and grinds down against my hand.

That’s right, baby. You fucking love it.

With her head back on my shoulder, her neck open for the taking, and her ass rubbing firmly against my dick, I get the show on the road. I drop my lips to her neck and kiss her, loving the way a needy moan slips from between her lips.

I taste her perfume on her skin and it’s fucking gross, but I don’t stop. Nothing beats watching a chick get off while your hand is down her pants and her soft little clit is beneath your fingers.

The girl adjusts herself so that her hand replaces her ass on my dick and while it feels fucking incredible, I can’t stop the fleeting feeling that it’ll never be as good as when it’s with…no. Don’t go there, Tyson. Don’t fall down the rabbit hole.

A second pair of hands curl around my back and I drop my gaze to the newcomer as she steps around to my side and watches the look of euphoria on the girl’s face. Her eyes brim with excitement and I see the devilish idea forming in her mind. She’s down for a threesome, and fuck it, I’m not going to say no…but, we’ll need the third party to agree.

I reach over and toss my empty beer bottle onto one of the many tables of the Ryder household and instantly replace it with this new girl’s perky ass. She grins up at me with fire in her eyes and her tongue shoots out over her plump lips, making me grow impossibly harder. This is going to be fun.

She presses up onto her tippy-toes and presses her wet lips to mine, inviting herself in. The girl notices my absence on her neck and turns to find the newcomer’s tongue down my throat and I watch on with caution. This is usually when chicks become territorial, but as the newcomer’s eyes blaze with excitement and she brushes her fingers down the girl’s waist, sending a shiver over her skin, we suddenly have a party.

Fuck, yeah.

Not wanting to waste a second, I take the girls upstairs and give them exactly what they’re both wanting, and I wasn’t wrong, they know my name better than they know their own.

I lay between them, all three of us utterly spent. One is laying against my chest with my arm curled around her tight little body and my hand firmly on her ass while the other is laid back against the pillow with her leg hooked high over my hip and her hand still gently stroking up and down my dick.

I close my eyes. While I’m more than fucking satisfied, I’m still missing something, and it’s something that I’ll never get from these two.