Twisted Tyrant (Vengeful Villains #1) Read Online Kristen Luciani

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She’s my enemy.
My obsession.
For months, I watch every move she makes.
Every curve of her body.
Every breath that she takes.
She’s gorgeous and innocent,
Until I take her captive.
I know she isn’t mine to keep, but every forbidden touch makes me crave her more.
For weeks, she torments me with her sinful body and venomous tongue, resisting her fate.
She quickly learns that her defiance has consequences.
And I expect to be obeyed…or else.
But my enemies have other plans for us.
When a deadly attack forces me to take over the Malikov Bratva as boss, I have a choice to make.
Marry the princess and keep my possession.
Or make my family whole and kill her.


Chapter One


I stand over her still body in the darkness, a rush of anger flooding my insides.

One long, lean leg peeks out from the sheets, deep red-lacquered toenails glinting in the sliver of moonlight streaming through the curtains that billow in the balmy night air. A thick white comforter buries the other leg so that it’s nothing but hidden curves.

Her face is obstructed by shadows, a single white earbud visible through the tangled strands of wavy blonde hair.

A laptop sits to her left, some animated Netflix movie filling the screen.

But Natasha Resnov never once stirs.

She didn’t hear me come into her bedroom.

She doesn’t know I’ve just invaded her parents’ home.

And she definitely doesn’t know what’s about to happen next…how her life is about to be stolen the way mine was five years ago.

Ire shoots through my limbs like lightning, electrifying every cell in its path. My muscles tense as the curves of her body slither over the mattress, obviously in mid-dream.

She’s about to awaken to a nightmare, the likes of which I guarantee she’s never once imagined.

I hate her.

It’s illogical, of course, because what happened five years earlier had nothing to do with her and everything to do with her bastard father.

But my rage knows no bounds. My fury doesn’t discriminate.

The entire Resnov family is a target.

And Natasha is the perfect person to make my point.

Four words loop through my tormented mind.

I could kill her.

My jaw tightens, fingertips tingling with the urge to ignore my twin brother Dima’s orders and close my hands tightly around her slender neck. Strangling her would bring her to life with a threat of torment, and then it would snuff her out just as quickly and painfully.

She flings her arms overhead, flipping over as a low moan escapes her perfect pink lips. The earbud slips out of her ear. I watch her settle back into her dream-like state after a few seconds pass.

I could take my revenge right now and walk away, disappearing into the night after destroying something so precious to a man who has become my mortal enemy.

Fuck my brother and his plans.

This isn’t about him and what he has to gain as underboss to my father.

This is about me and what I lost.

The sea breeze whispers through the sheer curtains, rustling the leaves of the trees outside of the large bay window. Waves crash against the shore down below, the dark caps turbulent.

It’s a harbinger of what’s to come.

A sign of impending doom.

And the calm before the devastating storm.

I hold out my hand, hovering it over her throat as another mewl slips from her puckered lips.

A clicking sound outside her door startles me from cataloguing the long list of sexual torture devices I’d love to use on her…before she ever makes it into Dima’s bed. I freeze, barely allowing a breath to escape me, and I dart my gaze to the closed bedroom door. Fuck. Her mother? Father? I don't want to have to kill someone else tonight, but nobody can stand in the way of my mission.

After a moment, a fresh silence falls over the hall.

False alarm.

Another little moan turns my attention back to Natasha. I hate myself for wondering what dreamworld she’s slipped into and what she’s doing to elicit those sensual sounds. But more than that, I despise the hunger that swirls in my gut when I look at her gorgeous face. Because for as much as I try to convince myself that I hate this girl, only I know the truth. The temptation to hurl my fist through the wall above her headboard in frustration grabs hold of me.

Yes, I want retribution. I deserve it, for fuck’s sake. But I don’t like exacting it at my brother’s command, which is exactly what tonight is all about.

First, he let me take the fall for the setup that landed me in prison, and then he left me to rot in gen pop. Now, tonight, he sent me here to do his dirty work because he didn’t want to risk his own ass. Again.

And I fucking agreed. But only because we both ultimately want the same thing: revenge. There’s no one better for this job. He knows as well as I do that no amount of security stands a chance against me.