Triple the Secrets (The Dragon’s MC #3) Read Online Emily Rose

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Her life changed in an instant three years ago. Two teenage girls rely on her now, and they are stronger than she can believe. They have finally settled into a normal routine, and are determined to live life again. Except, a surly biker with a scowl that can melt steel has fixated on her, and wants to uncover their secrets. She tries to push him away, but he’s determined to discover everything. But something in this big, bad biker calls to her, and as hard as she fights, she knows only he can soothe the darkness inside her. Then their past catches up to them, and secrets are revealed. Can the Dragons MC keep them safe, or are they destined to run?

He knows the sexy librarian and the teenage hellions she’s raising are in trouble. At first, he only wants to protect his club from whatever danger these women are bringing to their doorstep, but then he realizes that the danger stalking them is very real. Now, he’s determined to figure out what they’re hiding, and he wants to keep them safe. Even staking himself outside their house night after night. Except, he isn’t prepared for the truths that came out, but when they do, he is determined to make Scarlett his, and protect the girls she’s raising with his life. He’s the VP of the Dragons MC, and Dragons don’t run from danger. They meet it head-on and burn it to ash.




Three Years Ago

“Hurry,” she hissed as they ran down the dark hallway. She knew they didn’t have much time, and they needed to get out of there quickly. The sound of their feet hitting the cement floor echoed around them, but they all knew that no one was listening because the guards were all drinking in a room behind them somewhere. Though they didn’t know if someone was monitoring the tunnels by camera. It’s something they knew they had to risk. Especially if they wanted out of here.

The twin girls behind her quickened their steps without a word, and Scarlett felt bad for snapping at them. They were only twelve, but this was, quite literally, a life or death situation. If caught, they were as good as dead.

They finally reached the end of the tunnel and Scarlett slowed, carefully peering around the end to make sure there weren’t any other guards skulking around. She breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw no one, and then turned to nod at the girls. “We need to run,” she whispered to them. “Don’t stop for anything. Okay?” Both girls nodded and Scarlett could see them bracing.

Scarlett looked back at the darkness in front of them, took a deep breath, and then they ran.

There were no shouts of joy or excitement. The only sounds heard were their bare feet pounding on the cold ground. Scarlett tried to make out any markers, but it was so dark that it was near impossible. The barely there moon gave them a bit of guiding light so they didn’t run into any trees in the dense brush, but since they were running with no real direction, it was a guessing game where they would end up. She just hoped that it would be somewhere they could get help.

She looked over her shoulder and saw the two girls were close behind her. Their faces were determined, made out in the flash of moonlight on their faces before it disappeared. Scarlett couldn’t even imagine what they were feeling right now. She had been taken by the traffickers almost three weeks ago, but they had been in those cages for almost two years. Scarlett had begun plotting to escape the moment she had woken up and realized where she was. Then she saw the girls in the cage next to hers, and she vowed to get them out too.

There were so many other women in those cages, but their numbers had quickly dwindled in the past couple of days, and Scarlett knew then that it was time for her to make their move. Their captors were moving everyone, and she had heard some of the guards talking about some scumbag that bought the twins for his own personal harem. There had been no mention of her, but she had no doubt there were plans for her too. She would rather die than be sold like cattle, and she was going to make sure that the girls got away if nothing else.

Scarlett lost track of how long they ran, but they didn’t dare slow down. Not even when their breathing was erratic and their lungs screamed. Neither girl complained; they just kept running. Scarlett knew grown men and women who didn’t have that kind of strength, but these girls had it in spades.

Finally, finally, they reached the edge of a clearing, and Scarlett came to a stop. The girls did as well, and all of them gasped for air. Scarlett looked ahead at a cabin that stood in the center of the clearing. There were a couple of lights on, and Scarlett could just make out the movements of someone inside.