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The Room(hate) - A Secret Baby Romance

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Penelope Bloom

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Sebastian St. James needed an ego check in the worst way. All my instincts screamed “run” the moment we met. The instructions were unclear, so I ran after him.
I slapped him. Then I gave him the tongue lashing of a lifetime. And then… well, he locked the door and returned the favor.
Mission gloriously failed, if you asked me. We both agreed to part ways like adults. No strings. No attachments.
Except I couldn’t stand that he’d been able to walk away so easily.
So I did the only reasonable thing I could. I threw coffee in his face a few months later at his book signing. I escaped security over a fence and broke my fall with my face.
Before I knew it, I was recovering in Sebastian’s mansion. Then he offered me a job watching his cat and staying in his house.
I wish I could say I stared into his dreamy eyes and told him to bite me. But I needed the job more than I wanted to admit.
So now I’m bunked with an obnoxiously attractive roommate. A roommate I somehow want to strangle and straddle at the same time.
But there’s nothing to worry about. Sebastian “doesn’t do relationships.” All he does is brood, glower, and boss me around.
And just when I think I’ve put up the perfect walls, the plot (and my waistline) thickens… I’m pregnant, and the baby’s probably going to come out with cute little horns and a pitchfork.
A full-length enemies-to-lovers, secret baby romance loaded with laugh-out-loud moments, crackling chemistry, and a lovable heroine who would look the devil in the eyes and make him say “please”. The jaded millionaire grump meets his match when his mischievous cat-sitter drags him kicking and grumbling to his Happily Ever After.
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Penelope Bloom



If this conference didn’t change my life, I might regret maxing out my credit card to come. I’d always lived by a firm “shoot first and ask questions later” philosophy. Did it sometimes lead to crippling embarrassment? Debt? Bodily harm? Yes, to all the above.

But I never wondered “what if.” Because if life had the balls to put an opportunity in front of me, I grabbed it by the horns even if it meant getting rag dolled into the crowd.

It meant I never had to wonder what would’ve happened if I tried a skateboarding trick in front of a bunch of hot guys when I didn’t know how to skateboard. I may not particularly like the answer I got—three chipped teeth and a big dental bill—but I got my darn answer, didn’t I?

Shoot first, ask questions later. And that’s exactly what I’d done when I heard I could get tickets for me and my best friends to hear Sebastian St. James speak at a writer’s conference. I could also get some signed books from some of my other favorite authors, but the truth was I came here for Sebastian. The mysterious, brilliant enigma that he was.

Winter had just crept into the air. The thin jacket and sandals I’d chosen were turning out to be tactical mistakes, especially considering I’d insisted on getting here several hours early. By the time we finished waiting in line, I worried I might be the first recorded case of frostbite in fifty-degree temperatures.

The warmth inside the huge conference center felt good until it woke up my numb limbs with little pinpricks of torment. The building was cavernous with tacky carpet, tall windows along the outer walls, and that certain smell I found was unique to big conferences. It was like stale coffee, sweat, and just a touch of desperation.

Signs everywhere directed traffic to book signing tables, speaking events, and showing the day’s schedule. I didn’t need any of that because I’d studied the agenda and a map of the conference center for the past few days. I could’ve walked this baby blindfolded by now.

Most attendees fit the same mold. I guess it took one to know one, but I could tell almost every man and woman here was a writer. Despite the stereotypes, writers came in all sizes and shapes, too. My favorite were the little old ladies you’d never suspect. They were shuffling along with determined, mischievous little smiles on their lips. They often wore high powered glasses strong enough to magnify an ant to the size of a basketball. Of course, those glasses had to be secured to their neck with some kind of decorative string, just in case the force of flipping a page on their latest romance novel jettisoned their spectacles from their eyes.

But my favorite thing about those little old ladies? Half of them wrote the dirtiest, sexiest, steamiest smut I’d ever laid eyes on once you put a keyboard in front of them. They’d smile, give you a hug, and maybe even bake you a cookie by day. By night? They’d melt your panties off like absolute badasses.

“Why are you grinning like a weirdo?” Trinity asked.

“Come on, Trin,” Lance said. Lance was her big brother, and he towered over both me and Trinity with his athletic build as we made our way through the building. “This is Kenzie’s wet dream. Of course she’s grinning like a lunatic.”

I was moving as fast as my unfortunately small legs could take me without breaking into a full run. I kept it to a fast walk, partly because I wasn’t sure I would make it at a jog all the way to the conference room and partly because I had some shame. “Or,” I said. “You could say Kenzie is grinning like a hopeful, gorgeous, young aspiring author.”

Lance chuckled and Trinity made a gagging sound.

Trinity was two years younger than Lance. She was short like me and had strawberry blonde hair she liked to keep in two shoulder-length braids. She had a cute, innocent look that always seemed to attract exactly the wrong sort of guy.

“If Lance calls you gorgeous,” Trinity said. “I’m going to barf on both of you as a deterrent.”

“Kenzie’s like a sister,” Lance said dismissively. “Besides, Travis already made it weird enough between us when he tried to get in Trinity’s pants. I think two brothers trying to hook up with their little sister’s best friend would just be redundant.”

My older brother, Travis, was probably the worst case of “wrong guy” she’d ever attracted. Thankfully, I’d squashed that one. For now. Being related to a player slash billionaire who could charm the teeth off a horse had always made it hard to have girlfriends. The sick bastard took it as a challenge to see if he could sleep with anybody I ever got friendly with.