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The Playboy Next Door

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Jillian Quinn

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Living with a team of NHL players sounds like a dream… but for me, it’s my worst nightmare.
I’m the new house manager for the Flyers. A job I accepted out of desperation.
No one sane would ever work for my brother and his teammates. And yet, here I am, living under the same roof, cooking meals and washing their clothes. But that’s not the worst part.
River Westbrook lives to torture me and makes it impossible to do my job. And don’t even get me started on his clothing-optional days… or his seductive looks across the dinner table. Did I mention the notes he leaves in my bedroom?
Yeah, those are unbearable. His messages burn my skin and make me consider taking the cocky player up on his offer. Spend one night in his bed. He says he’ll make it worth my while.
But when it comes to protecting my heart from this hot defenseman, I’m in serious trouble. Wish me luck.
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Jillian Quinn


Pushing my way through the crowd, I ignore everyone trying to talk to me and head toward the bar. It’s hard to go anywhere in this city without getting noticed. Especially when the Flyers are on a five-game winning streak.

A few of the men nod as I pass them. I usually stop and give fans a few seconds of my time, but tonight I’m off the clock and need a break. We have a week off until our next game.

Just one beer. It won’t kill us.

Ollie waves his hand in the air to gain my attention. I lift my hat in acknowledgment. He’s a defenseman like me, and between the two of us, we’ve helped the Flyers secure one of the best penalty kill records in the NHL.

Ollie leans his back against a brick wall that has dozens of electric beer signs blinking above his head. He runs a hand through his short, blond hair and tips a bottle to his lips. “What took you so long?”

“I had to shower.”

He rolls his eyes. “Yeah, okay. Took you two hours to shower, bro? Did you meet up with those girls?”

After I got out of the shower, I flipped through his twin sister’s Instagram account for a while and forgot about the time. Emma Bradshaw has been my secret crush for years. She’s been in relationships for the entire time I have known her. And for the past few months, she’s been single.

Well, single because of some pretty shitty stuff her ex-boyfriend did to her. But at least now she’s available. I have waited too long for my chance with Em.

I can’t tell Ollie that, so I have to lie every time he catches me watching Emma’s videos. She creates funny Instagram Reels of her cooking, baking, anything related to food. Em’s a chef and a damn good one.

I shake my head. “Nah, I got sidetracked. Lost track of time.”

His eyes narrow at me as he sips from the bottle. “Uh-huh. You’ve been acting weird lately.”

Because I’ve been staying up late watching your sister.

Six months ago, Emma lost her dream restaurant. Despite that, she still looks like she’s thriving. Ollie says she’s sad and miserable, and that she cries more than she smiles.

It’s funny how fake people are on social media. They pretend to be someone they’re not, so they can hide what’s really going on beneath the surface. I hate to see Emma hurting, but I love watching her smile. And she does a lot of that in her videos.

The bartender hands me a beer that Ollie ordered for me. I rarely drink during the season, but I’m making an exception. It’s only six o’clock, just in time for us to have dinner. O’Grady’s Pub has some of the best food in the city. I come here for the potato soup. Ollie likes the craft beer. And Brady is usually too busy picking up women.

Brady stands beside Ollie, a hat pulled over his eyes to hide his face. Except you can’t miss the big oaf. He’s six feet seven and two hundred and thirty pounds of muscle. For NHL standards, he’s pretty fucking huge. He’s propped up against the wall, whispering into the ear of a hot brunette with long legs and big tits.

Ollie taps his bottle against mine. “Let’s keep this streak going.”

I nod, then drink my beer. “That’s the plan.”

We’re on track for the playoffs this year.

Brady shoves off from the wall, the girl attached to his side, and pats my shoulder with a big ass grin. “See ya at home, brother.”

None of us are saints, but Brady is the worst of us. He’s rarely seen without a woman, a different one almost every night. This girl probably thinks she’s special, that she’ll be the one to make him settle down. They all think that. And until I met Emma, the thought never even entered my mind.

Emma Bradshaw is my end game. I just have to get her to trust me. To see that I’m not a dirty player.

After they disappear into the crowd, Ollie steers me toward our usual table by the window. I slide across the bench and lift a menu from the table.

“The usual?” Ollie asks me.

“Yeah. Just the soup.”

Oliver’s cell phone rings, the loud tone cutting through the music and noise of the patrons. He glances down at his cell and sighs, and before he answers, I already know who it will be.

“Hey, Ems. Everything okay?” A moment passes as Ollie covers his other ear with his hand to listen to his sister. “Don’t worry. We’ll be over in ten. Okay?”

She must say okay because he hangs up a second later.

“What’s wrong with Em?”

Ollie blows out a deep breath. “She needs help with her side business. I offered our services.”

“She wouldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for that asshole fucking her over.” I shake my head. “Sucks she has to deal with that shit alone.”