The Pirate’s Daughter (Master and Command Her #1) Read Online Marie Hall

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Royal Navy Captain
Kidnapped and blackmailed into marriage, Captain Devin Winthrop now has a wife. One who’s beautiful, smart, willing in bed, and a pirate’s daughter. And she has a few pirate tendencies of her own.
Set to finish his career with smooth sailing in the Caribbean, Devin knows a storm is coming. Can he raise sail and outrun the dangers, or will he be sunk to the ocean floor?

Captain of Her Destiny
A captain in her papa’s merchant fleet, Mia Cadley doesn’t willingly give up the helm. Nor does she always sail above board.
When her father forces her to wed as a means to protect her, she resists letting her husband become her master and commander. But can she hold course against a tide of pleasure beyond imagining?


Chapter 1

Cartagena, 1827

Devin tugged at the bonds, causing the back legs of the chair to scrape the floor. He’d successfully broken those free hours ago, but the front was securely anchored.

“They’re coming,” the fat man chained to the wall called. “They’re coming back.”

Devin tugged again, the bonds held and he, too, could hear the heavy footfalls. He gave one last valiant attempt to break free. Settling back to the defeated countenance he’d maintained since the moment he was grabbed outside the tavern. As the door opened the five men chained against the wall started to struggle. They could only hear the goings on, as they’d sacks over their heads, tied with twine at their necks. Devin wasn’t treated to the same which made him far more alert to everything around him. For whatever reason they were taken, their captors had a very specific plan.

He counted seven men entering the room. It was plain these men were pirates given their hard demeanor and crude dress. They stepped aside as the last man entered the room. This man could easily pass for any other gentleman of wealth and status, but Captain Robert Devin Winthrop of His Majesty’s Royal Navy spent the last nine years of his career spotting pirates, buccaneers, raiders, rovers, filibusters, marauders—whatever the criminals chose to call themselves at the moment. Pirates had a look to them. Perhaps it was the cold brutality of their acts. The sinister way they preyed on the merchant and passenger vessels while naval ships tried to keep peace on the waters as so many nations continued to fight among themselves. That man turned to look at him and Devin felt a chill roll through. This wasn’t going to end well.

The other men went to the wall and unchained the captives. More than a few screams of terror rang out. They were in fact gentlemen of some prominence, all of them accustomed to the soft lives they lived. The begging started as soon as they were lined up and forced to move, blindly, forward.

“Please, please. I have money. My family can pay you, make you rich beyond your knowing,” one man said only to be met with wild laughter.

“Where are you taking us?” the fat man asked. Devin knew him to be a newly set in governor on one of the smaller islands. He’d been on the ship Devin’s own guided through only last week.

“Have no cares, Governor Lowe,” the leader of this group finally said, not taking his eyes from Devin. “As long as the good captain cooperates, you’ll be sent home in fine shape.”

The statement clearly startled everyone as much as it did Devin. “Do whatever he asks, Captain.” Governor Lowe called back over his shoulder. “Do whatever he asks.”

Devin watched them go as another man brought in a chair then moved to cut the ropes holding Devin. “That’ll be all for now Smithe. Leave us,” the leader said as he took a seat.

“Aye, Commodore,” Smithe said, and walked out closing the door firmly behind him.

As the commodore settled more comfortably, Devin took time to rub feeling back into his wrists. He could take the man before him. He was older, unarmed, if he was quick he might do it before others were alerted to the fight.

“Ah, yes. I see you thinking carefully on all the options.” The man, rather than tighten up and prepare for a fight, settled further back in the chair and crossed his left ankle over his right knee. “It’s something I’ve admired about you. A man who thinks before he acts.”

Devin remained silent and for now, still. The purpose for his being here would come out, but it’d be in the commodore’s good time.

“Robert Winthrop, Captain, on the two-decker brig Iron Rose. Guns, fourteen six pounders. Sufficient in these waters. Crew of sixty-two, including yourself. Last three years on assignment to hold the Crown’s western territories and colonies. Born, 1798 in South York, put on your first ship at age six by a father you’re still estranged from. Mother, living. Brothers, two, no sisters,” the man laughed, “shame, little girls are—a delight.”