The Determined Mistress (The De Petras Saga #4) Read Online Emily E.K. Murdoch

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Micah de Petras finds solace in one place: the arms of his mistress.

That should be mistresses – after all, why limit yourself to one? Micah never saw the point in settling for anything less, considering it’s his sister and not himself who is the de Petras heir.
Babysitting his sister? Holding an actual baby? Isn’t there some sort of gambling den he can lose himself in?
Scorned by the other gentleman of Society and frustrated with the constant irritations of his family, Micah returns again and again to the only woman who wants nothing more from him than his weekly allowance. The trouble is, Catherine Tetlow has had enough.
Enough of being Micah’s Thursday evening; enough of making love then waking up alone; enough of being treated merely like a mistress by the turbulent handsome gentleman. She has a plan, and Catherine is determined to win not just the body, but the heart of Micah de Petras.
If only she did not have so much to lose with secrets of her own…


Chapter One

September 3, 1812

“Is she not the most precious thing you ever—”

“More precious than Beryl?”

“Oh, comparing babies is a fool’s game!”

Micah de Petras sighed heavily. It was not as though he had expected to be the center of attention; with three sisters, one learned quickly where the focus of the room always laid.

But still. He had been invited to his parents’ home to share the news of his latest win on the horses. Wasn’t that what his father had said?

Yet, there they were, gathered by Coral, as though no one had ever had a baby before.

Micah leaned back in his armchair, glass of port in hand, and wondered just how long it would take before they realized he was gone, if he slipped out through the parlor door.

A minute? An hour?

The baby in his sister’s arms blew a raspberry, and the entire room sighed.

“I never thought I could love something quite so much,” said Coral with a weary smile. “Except Edward, of course!”

Her husband smiled. “Don’t you worry, I love her far more than I ever loved you.”

The family chuckled as Micah rolled his eyes. Really. Edward was all very well as a brother-in-law, and as a Duke, he had been remarkably useful, as giving the man’s name to his creditors always permitted an extension.

But the tripe the man came up with! His eldest sister, Coral, had never been a gushing sort of woman, but since the baby arrived…

“She is so precious,” said Amethyst, cooing over the baby. “Why, I—”

“Careful,” said Coral sternly, leaning away with the babe in her arms. “Do not get too close.”

Micah watched with interest as his cousin flushed at his sister’s words. Women. They could make something complicated even if there was nothing there to complicate.

“She is so darling—”

“I know quite what you mean,” said Emerald quietly.

Micah glanced over at the middle sister of his family. Emerald, shy, quiet, hardly able to give an opinion without feeling embarrassed by it, flushed as the room turned to her.

“I just meant—well, when baby Beryl—”

“I still don’t know how you managed to name her that,” groaned her husband.

Micah snorted. “You think any men in this family get a say, Swindmore?”

The Marquess of Swindmore grinned. “Oh, I knew the de Petras women got their own way long before I married one.”


Micah sighed at his sister Emerald’s words.

That was the problem with sisters, wasn’t it? He had no fault to lay against them as people he supposed; they were relatively harmless. In fact, on some occasions, he would even go so far as to say that he liked his sisters.

Coral was sharp and direct, which he liked, even if she was a little snooty at times. Becoming a duchess, it appeared, would do that to you. They never agreed, but that was beside the point.

Emerald, shy and nervous, never got in the way yet had a spark in her for the things that really mattered that Micah had to admire, even if he rarely saw it.

And as for Sapphire…

“Well, I think all babies look the same at this age,” announced the youngest de Petras, dark hair flying as she strode across the room to peer at the baby. “Look at her, all light hair and big blue eyes. I honestly couldn’t tell any difference between Amber and Beryl. We’ll have to wait and see who she takes after.”

“Her mother, I hope,” said her father with a grin.

“Oh, I imagine she’ll be a bit of both,” said Opal de Petras comfortably from her armchair by the fire.

Micah shot his mother a glance. Opal appeared very pleased with herself, or at least, the state of affairs, and why wouldn’t she? All four of her children under one roof, along with their cousin—a rarity, his own fault, he knew.

Spending time with his family…well, it was not something Micah sought out. In truth, it was something he avoided. It was never long before the conversation ended up returning to—