Star Touched (Starseed #1) Read Online Gaja J. Kos

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Find your Sun, Moon, and Rising.
I didn’t think much about the weird dream I had years ago. I mean, I already knew my Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. What the hell was the disembodied voice talking about?
Just a bunch of dreamland nonsense my newly awaked astrology magic probably spurred on.
That was my truth—until I found myself captivated by a guy who I seriously should not be drawn to. Or thinking about. Or lusting after.
I’ve already found my soulmate.
But I also can’t deny that the Sagittarius fox shifter who feels like embodied fire and freedom tugs on a damn similar string.
Turns out, the weird dream wasn’t a figment of my subconscious mind.
It was a channeled message.
And the signs I’m supposed to find—they’re men. Soulmates, as in plural, who hold the key to understanding why I was gifted with my unusual magic.
It’s ridiculous.
What am I supposed to do? Walk up to the guys and say, “Hey, I need you two to play along and share me because the Universe said so? Oh, and apparently, there’s another dude on the way, too, so keep that in mind.”
Literally or figuratively, either way I’m f*cked.




The Sag had the kind of face I wanted to sit on. Wide, full lips parted in a lingering smile that—

Holy fuck, was I actually drooling over the shape of his teeth?

But damn, the way they fit him…

Gorgeous, with the right touch of uniqueness that played with the contour of his mouth to such levels of perfection, it made my pussy throb. I could just bet having his face between my legs would give me killer orgasms.

“Alina?” Gina’s voice, though gentle, snapped like a whip through my horny-ass tangent.

I ripped my attention away from the illegally good-looking biker standing across the room and winced. “Sorry.”

Sorry for so much more than just my inattention at a damn crime scene.

I was married to my soulmate, for fuck’s sake. Sure, I recognized the attractiveness of some people, but I’d never before had the urge to sit on someone’s damn face.

What the hell was wrong with me?

Gina’s nostrils flared slightly, her keen werewolf senses no doubt picking up on my arousal.

Ah, crap.

I opened my mouth to get our conversation back on track, but for the life of me, I couldn’t remember what we’d been talking about before I’d found myself ensnared by the damn magnet that was Ezra Störmer.

Not that it even mattered.

Gina’s gaze had already slid past me to the fox shifter.

As she let out a pensive hum, I doubted anything I could have said would have been enough to steer her thoughts away from the problem at hand. Mr. Steam-On-Legs Sagittarius.

“Tall, brown-eyed, and handsome in that way only guys who’ve been around several decades can be?” she asked low under her breath, shamelessly arching a brow as she studied the seasoned shifter.

It was a wonder she didn’t let out a whistle to go along with her perusal.

The last thing I wanted was for the guy to get any ideas to head on over here. The length of the bike shop separating us seemed like far, far too short of a stretch.

While I never was the giddy kind of person, I also didn’t trust myself to not turn into a messy, swooning puddle of horny witch if the Sag came any closer.

Hell, I wasn’t even open to his celestial energies yet felt them rubbing at my skin as clear as fucking day. And that was without considering the sheer power of the visual this guy brought to the table.

“No judgment here.” Gina glanced at me, her expression mirroring her words. “He’s hot. But maybe wait to indulge in the eye candy until he’s cleared of any involvement in this mess.”

Although her tone was playful, the personal experience behind the warning was anything but.

My friend and fellow agent had had a damn hard time not long ago when her rockabilly vamp heartthrob had been the main suspect in a murder investigation.

Of course, she was also in love with him, which was not the case here.

I briefly flashed her the gold band on my ring finger. “Not waiting for anything. Already have all the handsomeness I need at home.”

Gina simply shrugged in a well-intentioned manner. Her life had been quite the roller coaster. She’d never give me shit for the choices I made in mine.

What damn choices, Alina?

I scowled at myself internally.

The Sag just caught me off guard. Fox shifters were rare. In all my thirty years, Ezra Störmer was the first of his kind that I’d come across. Since different species of supes all carried a unique allure to them, it was no wonder I’d gotten caught up in the novelty of it all.

Besides, I shared my Moon sign with his Sun. The magnetism of that alignment was probably the whole damn reason I wanted to salivate over Störmer so much. He had the kind of wild, free energy that called to me on a fundamental level.