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Soul of the Mountain - The Mountain Men of Fox Hollow

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Frankie Love

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A blue-eyed beauty, lost and alone — two young children in her arms.
I’m a mountain man who’s always lived alone
When I see a tragic accident on the highway, I have a chance to change things.
But not everyone agrees that my cabin should be their home.
It’s time to man up and be what they need.
Because they are more than my heart.
They are my soul. And they belong on this mountain.
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Frankie Love


After talking about it for years, I’ve finally done it. I run a hand over my beard, feeling proud as fuck.

"Congratulations, Jasper. The building is yours," Donovan says, shaking my hand. “Two auto shops in as many years — it’s impressive. I hope to do business with you again in the future."

I nod, thinking how I don't plan on coming back to the city anytime soon. And considering I live in Fox Hollow, a town in the middle of the mountains, I don't think there'll be much more expansion in my future. I now own the only two mechanic shops in town. Still, I don't argue. Working with the bank for the business loan went seamlessly and right now, I’m thrilled to own this shop. Now I can brand them both with the same logo.

I walk out of the bank with my head held high even though a rainstorm is brewing and it's going to be a shitty drive home. When I get in my truck, I pull out my phone, wanting to call my dad.

"Oh, son,” he says into the phone. "I'm glad you called. I was just wondering if maybe you could stop by this weekend to help with my furnace. Something's wrong with it. And I can't manage to fix it on my own."

"What's the problem? Do you have heat now?"

He grunts. “It's coming on and off, but I'm okay. Don't worry about me."

"Well, I can come now. I’m in Merryton, about an hour away."

“I’ll be fine for the night. I have an electric heater. It’s already late. But enough about me, did you meet with the banker?” he asks.

“Yeah," I tell him. “Just signed the papers."

"Oh, Jasper, I'm so proud of you," he says. "You’re taking it to the proving grounds, aren’t you?”

"I guess so,” I say.

I can picture him in his cabin right now, probably drinking a beer and listening to the news like he does every night. He's all the family I have in the world and I do my best to take care of him.

"I really don't mind stopping by on my way home," I tell him. "I want to be sure that you're not too cold.”

“Jas, don't worry about me. I have the heater right here at my feet and I have a heated blanket — I'm fine. It's not even winter."

"Yeah, but it's a colder fall than we've had in a long ass time," I tell him.

"I heard the storm is going to get worse by tonight. Which is why you need to get home. I don't want you out on the roads if you don't have to be."

I chuckle. “Dad, I'm a grown ass man. You're talking to me like I'm a child."

"Sorry, you’re right,” he says. "I really am proud of you and your mother would be really proud of you too." I hear his voice crack.

“Dad, don’t get upset,” I tell him.

"I just hate that she’s not here to see this, to see what kind of man you've become."

"All right. Well, I'll come by tomorrow," I tell him. I hang up, turn on the engine, head out of town. It's about an hour’s drive home, but the storm really is picking up like he'd mentioned. Still, the thought of owning another shop makes it impossible to be in a bad mood. That thought puts a smile on my face for a while as I drive down the highway toward home. It's getting dark and the rain's coming down something bad. I consider giving my buddy, Kutter, a call and seeing if he wants to meet up for a beer, maybe even with James, but then I think better of it. My dad was right. This weather really is a shitstorm brewing. On my dashboard, I see the temperature has dropped a good twenty degrees. I shake my head, thinking ice on these roads is gonna mean accidents.

I take the exit toward the Fox Hollow Mountains, ready to get home, considering that brand-new bottle of whiskey I have in the cupboard above my refrigerator. Maybe tonight's the night I pop it open, celebrate.

Before I can turn onto the private road that leads to my cabin, I see a woman waving me down. The rain turns to hail now, and my heart pounds — trying to figure out why this woman would be out here in this storm. I ease to a stop, coming up to the woman, who's soaking wet with something in her arms, and she's holding the hand of a child; a toddler.

With my headlights on, I see them more clearly. They're shaking, freezing, eyes bright with tears. I jump out of my truck, hollering for them, not seeing a car anywhere. "What's happened? What are you doing here?" I shout as thunder cracks through the sky. Rain coming down harder.