Savage Wolf (Shadow Cursed #1) Read Online Jessica Wayne

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He can have my body but never my heart.
Sold into a life of subjection, my fate has never been mine to control. I’m a princess in name only, a pawn to be sacrificed when it serves the crown.
As word of a coming war spreads throughout the land, the king contracts with a man whose brutal reputation surpasses those coming for the throne. The brute agrees to defend the kingdom, but at a steep price–me.
While our union will ensure the safety of my people, I’m not certain of my own. It is rumored that peace and mercy are not familiar words to the man I’m to marry-a man with an angry golden gaze that follows my every move.
Against all odds, I find myself drawn to him even as he seems determined to forget I exist. However, the more secrets I unearth, the more my terror grows…not of him…but of what I am willing to become in order to be exactly what he needs: a queen.

The first in a pulse-pounding fantasy romance that is perfect for anyone who loves epic adventure, a massive world, and an incredible love story that defies all odds.


Chapter 1

“Get your hands off of me,” I growl, muscles trembling as I glare up at Barclay. His dark hair is cut short to his scalp, close enough to the skin that I can barely make out the massive scar he received after falling from his horse and nearly dying.

It’s too damn bad it didn’t stick.

Dark eyes glare down at me, and he grips my waist tighter. I know from experience, should it linger there much longer, he’s going to trail it up because he believes he has every right to touch me. To grab me wherever he so pleases.

And I’m powerless to show him just how wrong he is.

“You’ve grown into such a lovely young woman, cousin,” he whispers as he presses against me. I close my eyes and ball up my fists. We are not blood relatives, and yet he seems to get off on referring to me as such. Bile rises in my throat, burning as it lingers, and I fight the urge to hurl all over his guard’s uniform.

Maybe I should—bet he will think twice about touching me then. Except, he’s so twisted he might enjoy that as well.

Barclay leans down, hot, moist breath washing over my face. “Tell me, Kiya, have you learned to touch yourself yet?”

That does it.

I bring my knee up, but he blocks it, slamming me against the wall hard enough to make my ears ring.

“Kiya!” someone calls my name, a man, so Barclay presses his lips to my ear. “I’ll take that as a no. Tell me if you change your mind. I would love to show you how.” He backs away and winks at me then steps out of the alcove and into the hall.

Tears in my eyes, I slump down to the floor, bringing my knees up to my chest and ensuring the skirts of my dress cover me completely. The stone is cool beneath me and at my back, but it’s nothing compared to the ice in my veins.

Ten years I’ve been here, trapped. The life of a princess with the perks of livestock. Aside from Bonnie—my handmaiden—and her husband, Ezra, no one here actually cares for my well-being. I could die tomorrow, and the only issue would be that I am no longer here for the king to use.

No longer a pawn in his twisted game.

I always thought things might get better, that I might find an avenue of escape, but nothing has shown itself yet. And every morning, I wake up wondering if this is the day Barclay will take it even further.

If this is the day I lose the one and only thing I’ve managed to keep ahold of. It’s the only control I have over my own life. And he taunts me about it every. Single. Day.

Twenty-three years old, and I might as well still be the terrified child they dragged in out of the mud. Heavy footfalls signal incoming soldiers, so I hastily wipe my tears and stand. A man wearing the golden armor of the king pops his head into the alcove. His dark hair is turning silver at the temples, his brown eyes far kinder than any others belonging to the King’s guard.

“What are you doing in here, girl?” Ezra demands. I move farther into the hall, giving the torches a chance to illuminate my tear-streaked face, and Ezra’s gaze darkens. “Barclay?”


He mutters a curse. “Why the hell are you not doing as I told you?”

“He’s the king’s nephew.”

“I don’t fucking care if it’s the king himself. Anyone puts their hands on you, use the tactics I showed you, and make them regret it.”

“He blocked my knee when I tried to hit him in the balls.”