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Rocker - Cerberus MC

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Marie James

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Life can change in the blink of an eye.
As a member of the Cerberus MC, an elite organization that specializes In the rescue and recovery of trafficked women, I’ve seen it happen more than once.
I’ve witnessed how easily a family can be torn apart from a single bad choice. We’ve been too late before, and have to live with the guilt of how a few hours would’ve changed everything.
Curveballs with lasting effects happen. I’ve learned to accept that. But I never imagined the biggest life-altering situation of my life would show up at our door bruised and bloodied, confessing her role in a man’s death.
It’s a lot to wrap my head around. Unfortunately, it’s not even half of the story.
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Marie James



There are so many things around me that could draw my attention in this moment, but for some reason it’s the blood under my fingernails that holds my attention, not the crimson stain spreading across the floor of my small apartment or the unmoving man lying at my feet.

My hands move, trembling uncontrollably, making me wonder if my vision has been affected by the numerous blows to my face. I’m in serious trouble, and I’m cognizant enough to recognize that fact, but I’m still unable to move. I need to call someone, the cops probably, but my phone is nowhere to be found after he demolished the coffee table, having taken his initial reaction, my body suffering the rest.

I’m sure he has a phone but getting any closer to him isn’t a chance I’m willing to take, regardless that he hasn’t moved in several long minutes.

I should hear sirens or alarms blasting around me because of what I’ve done. A SWAT team should be beating down my door to take me away, but the only thing I register is the huffing sounds of my own breathing and the television playing some ignorant show he insisted on watching.

Don’t poke the bear. That’s the advice my sister gave me when he hit me for the first time years ago. I could really use her advice right now, but the bear she tried so hard not to poke put her six feet under last year, leaving me alone in this world.

A clattering noise draws my attention away from my husband, and it takes ages for me to realize that it was only the sound of the knife falling from my hand and hitting the red-stained floor at my feet.

My stomach roils when I look around the room, seeing it with fresh eyes for the first time, but despite the sight of my furniture flipped and broken items strewn all around, my focus continues to go back to the ever-growing puddle of blood.

A sense of urgency to run hits me, forcing my feet to shuffle back.

It’s not just about you anymore.

That’s the thought that raced through my mind when he first arrived three days ago, standing on my doorstep with a wide smile, sparkling green eyes, and open arms that still weren’t enough to convince me he’s changed.

Men like him never change, yet I stayed when my mind urged me to slip out and disappear while he was sleeping and again while he was in the shower.

Hope didn’t keep me from leaving. It was fear that locked me in place.

Don’t poke the bear.

The words echo around in my head even now as the man lies dead at my feet.

Tonight, I stood up for myself for the first time.

Tonight, I took a stand against the man who wanted to destroy me.

Tonight, I poked the bear.

And the proof of that is discarded on the floor at my feet, covered in blood.

Chapter 1


“You’re not just missing part of the point.” I sigh and cover my face with my hands before looking back up at Jinx. “You’re missing the thing entirely.”

Jinx blinks in my direction, his eyelids slow to respond. He’s exhausted. We all are. Work has been crazy the last couple of weeks, and for some reason there’s an air of urgency surrounding everyone here that no one is able to explain. Maybe it’s the warmth somehow creeping into the clubhouse because the days are so hot the cool desert breeze at night isn’t even enough to bring the temps down. Maybe it’s the fact that another damn member of the Cerberus team has gotten bit by the love bug and everyone remaining is terrified they may be next.

“So, she’s a girl.” Jinx shrugs before lifting his beer bottle to his lips. “What does that have to do with anything? Love isn’t a virus.”

Grinch chuffs, his indignant response drawing the attention of the group across the room. Several eyes turn in our direction, but they quickly lose interest when Griffin speaks.

“I never said love is a virus.” I say the words slowly, as if it will help him better understand my reasoning. “Rivet falling in love with Cannon isn’t a surprise.”

“How do you even know it’s love?” Grinch argues. “Maybe they’re just having a good time.”

Jinx points at our teammate, clearly agreeing with him. “People can have tons of sex without getting their stupid emotions involved.”

“Did you see the way they were looking at each other?” I point to the hallway where the newest couple just disappeared down. “That was love. That’s how people in love look at each other.”

“How would you know?” Jinx sinks back further into the sofa, his arms crossing over his chest. The man has made up his mind, and there’s no reasoning with him. I should just stop arguing and leave him alone, but we honestly don’t have anything better to do, so annoying my team members is going to have to suffice. “You’ve never been in love, right?”