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Protective (Diamondback MC Second Generation #4)

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Five years, that’s how long I’ve been gone. I’d stay away another five if it meant she was safe.

It felt good to breathe fresh air, to be away from the barb wired, and concrete walls. I had one request, keep Gigi away from me. Too bad it was me that couldn’t stay away from her in the end. My only problem with that is, if things go down in flames, I’ll be bringing her with me.
I knew Silas blamed me for being locked up for so long, that didn’t stop me from wanting to apologize, no needing to. He was the man that was there for me more than any other person had been in years. Even when they slammed the doors, locking him in, throwing away the key, Silas still made sure I was protected by not only his family but by the club too.
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Diamondback MC Second Generation Series by Tory Baker

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“The state of Louisiana sentences you to five years in prison, a fifteen-thousand-dollar fine, as well as three years of probation to be served concurrently. If Mr. Futch maintains good behavior, he may receive a reduced sentence.” I’m standing next to my attorney. The fucked-up state we all live in does not fuck around when it comes to jail or prison time. I guess I have my cousin, Henley’s man, Massimo, to thank for helping me out. When I was arrested, I was cool as a cucumber, not giving the sick fucks in this town the time of day to get me with another charge added on top. I’m lucky right now for only receiving aggravated second-degree battery, a charge that could get me way more than the five years I’m receiving now. The shit part, though, is hearing your mom attempt to maintain her composure behind you, along with your father. I don’t look back, not while I’m standing hearing the news, wearing a fuckin’ suit, my fingers laced together. Against my attorney’s wishes, I lost the tie. There are some things you can’t conform to; something hanging around my neck was one of those things. After the club bailed me out of jail, retained my attorney, shit started moving fast, so fast that I wasn’t sure which way was up at one point. It seemed after the first meeting with the big wig standing next to me, Dad got the ball rolling. I was patched in and given a road name—Crush. It seemed perfect for what the fuck I was going down for. Then got my ink the length of my back all in one day.

“You’ve got five minutes before the bailiff will take you away. Say what you need to but be discreet from this day forward,” my attorney tells me once the judge adjourns the court.

“Thanks for everythin’.” I shake his hand. He nods his head but moves further away, allowing me time to say my goodbyes, and when I turn around, I’m not prepared to see the look on my mom’s face.

“Ma, you’re killin’ me.” My arms open. She envelopes me in a hug, breaking down. Dad and I don’t say a word, giving her the time she needs. Thankfully, she was able to keep Sedona out the courthouse today. Not sure I could have two Futch women bawling in my arms.

“She’ll be okay. You know we’ll come see you as much as we can while you’re doin’ your stint. You stay vigilant, keep your nose clean. Got a couple of guys in there Massimo knows. They know you’re comin’ in. Fuckin’ sucks Big Dawg just came out as you’re goin’ in.” Dad’s hand is on my shoulder, squeezin’ it before he drops it.

“Yeah. Need you to do a favor for me. I’m not claimin’ her, so don’t even get that thought in your head. She’s six-fuckin’-teen.” Dad crosses his arms over his chest, spreads his apart, and gives me that look.

“Good, because I’d knock your head in, though we wouldn’t have to worry about some of the same shit that went down between your ma and me, since you’ve got time on your hands.” Only he’d use this as a joke, but I get it. Mom’s parents were cunts.

“Yeah, well, clearly, her head ain’t on straight seein’ as I saw her when I walked into the courtroom. That fucker had no problem smirkin’ at me either. I need you to look out for Gigi. Know she and the girls get along, but, Ma…” I squeeze her one last time, wanting to see her face, even if there’s mascara running down her cheeks and her face is blotchy.