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Possessive Lawyer

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The small brass plaque reads J. Sharkey. Attorney at law. The shark… I muse to myself.
I need a real lawyer to help me and my dad out though, not some shady shark. It sounds too good to be true. He does one free case a year, plus he’s local so what harm would it do to at least ask if he could help? As soon as I see him though, I know I’m his.
As soon as he touches me, I know I’m done. I never thought an older guy like him would ever go for a curvy younger woman like me, but like they say most shark bites are out of curiosity only.
They never really attack unprovoked. Unless they know what they really want.

Twenty years I’ve spent, building a practice and making a name for myself. Now it feels like all the next twenty will bring is worrying about my retirement.
I never made time for what she offers, because I never saw it up close. I never even knew it existed. I thought love, at first sight, was something desperate people dreamed of on lonely nights. And she’s just walked right into my office, proving me wrong in a second.
Her dad’s made a mistake, and her landlord’s making an even bigger one. I’ll fight using every legal angel at my disposal, for any client. But for her, I’ll do anything, no matter what it takes. Legal or otherwise.
To keep her safe, to see justice served, and most importantly. To make her mine forever.
*Possessive Lawyer is an insta-everything standalone instalove romance with a HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.
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Flora Ferrari

Chapter One


“Sounds like you need ‘The Shark,’” Tiffany says dramatically, knowingly.

She’s the only waitress at the diner I work at that talks to me, but right now I’m in no mood for her stories or daydream fantasies.

“What I need is for you to take my shift this afternoon. Please? So I can try and sort out this mess my dad’s got himself into,” I tell her, fighting back emotion.

“Shark,” she says matter of fact, chewing something loudly before putting me out of my misery and agreeing to take my ten hour shift.

Tiffany’s a bubble head sometimes, but she’s also saved my ass in the past, and again today.

“Thank you,” I exhale, feeling a tiny bit less anxious.

“I hope you get it sorted out, sounds scary, but this shark guy? He’s a real lawyer, never lost a case. He gets everybody off and he does one case every year for free, Pro Bolo.”

“Pro Bono,” I correct her, groaning a laugh but thanking her, and the heavens for getting me the day off.

“No sweat. I heard these two guys talking about him after seeing his ad the other day. Real mean looking guys too, but they were talking about the shark like he was some sort of saint.”

Hanging up after gushing that I owe her one, already promising to do this Sunday to return the favor, I have the word ‘shark’ circling in my head for some reason.

Tiffany sends me a text right after I hang up, the shark’s address. Not that I’m interested in any shady lawyers. I’ll finish baking my brownies, something I always do when I’m stressed, and then I’ll…

What am I gonna do?

If I don’t find a lawyer to get my dad out of this whole lease agreement mess he’s got us into, we’re both royally screwed.

The oven pings and my cell chimes again.

Not now Tiffany.

It’s a picture this time. A man.

The kind of man I only dream of, with the word ‘Shark’ and a crazed emoji with some eggplant and mushrooms after it.

It’s a magazine or print ad from a flyer. The man’s in a suit that fits, but his muscular frame is screaming through it. His arms bulge against the sleeves as he holds his chiseled jaw in contemplation.

Piercing, intense dark eyes smolder underneath a cocked brow, his stubble-peppered lip curling in a half smile showing enough of his perfectly straight and glimmering teeth to show me he’s the full package.

I only wish he had a full body shot. Maybe the swimsuit edition.

As soon as I realize it’s really him, I feel my legs weakening and my t-shirt tightening against my stiff chest. I let out a small moan and feel a flush of warmth someplace nice. Suddenly twenty degrees hotter at the thought of a man like that down there.

A real man.

Not that I have any real experience in that department, I’ve never even kissed a boy let alone…

But, if you’re gonna travel why not ride in a Rolls Royce? First class.

Tiffany’s voice rings in my mind again, ‘…he does one case every year for free…’

I just know it’s him. He’s the one. There’s something in his intense gaze that tells me I’m already his. He’s the one who can save me. He’s the only one who can save me.

And dad?

Well… He can save dad too, I’m sure. But there’s a fire inside me now, lit by a single glimpse of him. I have to meet him, I have to put myself in front of him, whatever it takes.

Lord only knows how hot he must be in real life if his photo turns my mound into a heated indoor aquarium.

As soon as the Brownies are cool enough, the ones that are left after I’ve had my fill are in a paper sack and I’m off to the beach.

The shark’s office is right across from the pier, which isn’t far at all.

I hope he has a sweet tooth, I hope he’ll hear my case.

I hope he can get me off.

Whoa! Where did that come from?

I mean, I hope he can help my dad and me out of this jam.

I find the address easy enough, but if it wasn’t for the small brass plaque above the solid oak door, I’d never know he even existed.

J. Sharkey. Attorney at law.

The shark… I muse to myself.

Taking a deep breath, I feel the sweat building on my palms as I push the door open, the entrance to a narrow wood paneled hall that has a room at the other end.

I don’t know what to expect, maybe the swimsuit version of his photo?

Maybe him fixing something. He looks like the type who’s great with his hands.



The nasally, high pitched voice breaks my reverie. The shark daydream bursting from fantasy to crushing reality in one second.

“Can I help you?” the voice demands, more insistent.