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For fans of the Off Balance series comes never before seen chapters, deleted scenes, and bonus content from the forbidden romance story that stole your heart!

This collection includes:

Notebook entries between Kova and Adrianna
My Dearest Malysh: Kova’s Valentine’s Letter to Adrianna
Outtakes: Deleted Scenes from Balance, Execution, Release, Twist and Dismount
Out of Bounds Bonus: Lucia Interviews Kova
Original and Revised: An open letter why there are two versions of the Off Balance series
Five chapter preview to What’s Left of Us – Avery and Xavier’s story
Series Playlist
Out of Bounds is not a full length novel. Out of Bounds is a companion novel for readers who want every morsel they can get their hands on.


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There have been many questions in regard to the Off Balance series being removed from Amazon in December of 2019. I’ve collected the concerns addressed from readers and opted to write a FAQ for reference. I hope this addresses questions relating to the series and the final book, Dismount.

Do I have to read the FAQ before reading Dismount?

No, you absolutely do not. I’m asked daily about the changes I had to make to the series and how it will affect the final book. I put this FAQ together so that it may be helpful to those who’ve been reading the series since the first book and had questions after they were removed from Amazon. It’s also a place for curious new readers to find answers.

If I read the original books and jump into Dismount, will it still make sense? Or will the ages/years/timeline no longer add up? Do I need to reread the books?

Yes, it will make sense. Although the setting and ages were altered, I worked really hard to not touch the original storyline while revising the first four books. It will still make sense to readers who’ve been reading since the beginning.

Will the Off Balance series have the same angst and feel as before?

This is difficult to answer as reading is subjective. The writer in me wants to say yes, the revised, safe edition will have the same effect as the original edition. I only revised the necessary parts in order to make them safe for publishing. I still feel the angst.

Will there be an age gap? Still be taboo?

There is still an age gap, and it is still very present. So is the taboo aspect.

How many changes did you make to Dismount, and will it affect the story?

I don’t know the total number of changes I made. The entire story had to be rewritten after the revisions to the first four books were completed to adjust to the new changes. I began revising Dismount from the first chapter and kept going until I reached the end, and then I started over again. Essentially, a fair amount was made but none that would affect the story. One major change was Kova’s criminal charges. They were lessened once the rewrites were made because the location had to be moved.

Does it bother you as a writer to have to make changes to your books?

Yes. Romance is a genre of fiction. It’s a made-up story, just like mafia romance novels. What one reads does not mean they condone. And how one perceives romance is of their opinion. Rallying to torment others over their views, reporting books, threatening people’s lives, and degrading another human for the sake of doing it turns it personal. It no longer is an opinion. That is bullying, and the abuse that comes with bullying is indescribable. It completely crosses a line. Bullying should not be a reason why a book—or in this case, a whole series—is to be rewritten. The books were therapeutic to write in the first place, a way to release my emotions.

I’d been advised by people who had no knowledge of the sport, let alone read the books, on how to rewrite the overall story, how old to make the characters, which country the story should take place in, which category I was allowed to place my books in. Such drastic changes were not possible, especially when one didn’t comprehend the nature of the sport and how critical it was to the timeline.