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It was one night.
One night that changed our lives forever.

It was the night Jefferson Sloane, Danny Blue and Jade Robertson of the infamous Callous Crew invited us to their Devil’s Night party…
I got the text just like Juliet, Marjorie and Samantha did.

Callous Crew: You’ve been invited to the party of the year. Devil’s Night. The abandoned warehouse on Sixth Street, Camden Town. Midnight. Be there or be f*cking square.

We went. Four best friends. Four girls.
But only three of us survived the night.
Guess who didn’t come home?
Yeah, that would me.
My name is Millie.
This is the story of how those onyx hearted bastards ruined my best friends’ lives.
This is the story of how I died.

This is a novella, previously in the Brutal Boys On Devils Night anthology.




“Millie! Get the hell down!” Juliet shouts, her pretty hazel eyes wide as she moves slowly along the walkway towards me. She’s not a fan of heights either. I mean, who the hell is? That doesn’t stop her from trying to talk me out of what is probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.

Won’t stop me though.

My fingers curl around the next rung of the rusty metal ladder that connects the walkway she’s standing on to the one above. We’ve got to be at least forty feet up in the air. “Stop stressing, I’ll be fine!” I say, as I take another step higher.

A cold wind blows in through the busted warehouse roof, making both the ladder I’m climbing up and the walkway Juliet’s moving across, wobble. Juliet’s long blonde hair whips up around her shoulders and she screams, dropping to her knees in fright. Behind her Danny Blue grins mercilessly, completely at ease and not in the least bit afraid of falling.

The crazy bastard.

“Millie, Juliet, stop this! Right the fuck now!” Sammy shouts from the warehouse floor below, her bright coloured hair a wild halo of tight afro curls around her head as she stares up at us… There’s a huge chunk of hair missing. In all the commotion earlier, I hadn’t noticed. It doesn’t take a genius to work out who’s done that.

“Jade, you absolute PRICK!” I shout, then scream when the ladder sways beneath me.

After peeling my eyes open again, I glare at the object of my anger, Jade Robertson, aka Sick Prick Jade. He’s completely undisturbed by my outburst and is currently leaning against the wall and staring at Sammy like he doesn’t know whether he wants to throttle her or kiss her.

I’m not sure which side is winning out. Rather her than me. He’s a dick as much as a sick prick.

It’s just as well I’m not into bad-boy bullies, because these three arseholes are the worst of their kind. Tonight has proved as much.

“Millie, get the hell down!” Sammy repeats.

“I can do it!” I shout, vertigo making the world spin for a moment. I press my eyes shut willing everything to stop moving so I can finish what I started and get the hell out of here.

“Please, Millie. We can face whatever happens together. They can go screw themselves. You don’t have to go through with it,” Marjorie adds from her place of safety on the other side of the warehouse roof. She’s already reached the exit at the end of the walkway I’m currently climbing towards, and is safely on solid ground, not some flimsy metal climbing frame that Juliet and I are still stuck on.

“Says the girl who just showed us she ain’t such a pussy after all. I think you’d lied to me. You’ve got a daredevil side, Mar,” Jefferson, the leader of Callous Crew, says.

Marjorie scowls at him, the biggest prick this side of north-west London. Not only does Jefferson think he’s irresistible to women with his dark hair, piercing blue eyes and body covered in tattoos, but he also thinks he’s London’s version of Ryan Doyle, the most famous parkour athlete in the world. I mean he’s good, but he’s not that good.

“Shut the hell up, Jeff,” Marjorie replies, knowing he hates his name being shortened. He narrows his eyes at her, then smirks, turning his attention back to me.

“Does it run in the family? You’re her twin after all. Or did you draw the short straw with the bravery card as well as the looks? How’s it feel to be the ugly twin? Is that why you bat for the other side? Women ain’t so choosy?”

“Fuck. Off!” I retort, glaring at Jefferson who’s now hanging upside down from a metal rafter above me, the vein in his forehead pulsing from all the blood rushing to his head. I hope it fills up with so much blood his brain explodes.

Urgh, he’s such a dick.

Mad Dick Magenta to be precise or MDMA as he’s known by his graffiti tag.

He winks at me, lighting up a joint and blowing smoke rings into the air, still hanging upside down. Like his cousins Danny and Jade, Jefferson is an epic show-off. They’ve been like that since we were in secondary school. The day we finished was the best day of our lives, until we came face to face with them in the common room of Westview College six months ago after they all transferred from Twyford College. Rumour had it they were kicked out for poor behaviour. Figures.