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(Sin City Saints Hockey #1) Maverick

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Brenda Rothert

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The Vegas heat just kicked up a notch with the arrival of ice hockey’s newest expansion team – the Sin City Saints.

Maverick Hagen’s fall from grace was more like a crash landing. His record-breaking career ended after a fight with an opponent over a woman left him with a broken leg, or so the pundits thought. Returning to the sport he loves as the captain of the league’s new expansion team, the Sin City Saints, his lucrative contract comes with just one rule—no romantic distractions. Gia Ford also makes her living playing a game—poker. The rounder has hit her stride in Vegas, quietly building her bank account one casino at a time. She’s got a score to settle, and nothing will get in her way—not even the sexy hockey player who’s willing to lose money just to see her in action. Maverick attracts attention, upsetting Gia’s under-the-radar game.Maverick and Gia can’t afford to give in to their magnetic attraction, with his career rebounding and her winnings growing. But the hotter their chemistry burns, the harder it is to deny. So will they or won’t they? In Vegas, there’s only one way to settle it—a bet, of course.
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Sin City Saints Hockey Series by Brenda Rothert

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Brenda Rothert



Stormy blue eyes follow my movement as I raise my glass to my lips and sip my club soda, wishing it was colder.

Though I’m down more than $300 after my first hour of blackjack at the MGM Grand, it’s not the game that has my face flushed and the back of my neck covered in a layer of sweat.

I could lose ten times the amount I’ve surrendered to the house tonight and still not be as worked up as Maverick Hagen has me right now. The man staring at me from the opposite end of the blackjack table has me wishing I could drop an ice cube down the front of my top.

The stakes are high tonight, but they’ve got nothing to do with money. Not directly, anyway. Maverick and I sat down at this table an hour and a half ago, each with $1,000 in chips, to settle a bet. First one to run out of chips loses.

And while I’d never admit it, it’s the first time in my life as a professional gambler that I don’t actually want to win.

“Hell yeah!” The player next to me fist-pumps to celebrate his win. “I had a feeling about that one!” He turns to face me, his breath reeking of cigar smoke. “That was almost as beautiful as you, hot stuff.”

Maverick’s gaze darkens from the other side of the table as the man leans in close.

“Fuck off,” I say, glaring at him with my best resting-bitch-face look.

He laughs again, and this time it’s more like a bellow, tiny spit particles flying from his mouth onto the felt-covered table.

“Feisty.” He waggles his bushy eyebrows. “I like it.”

“Get in my face again and I’ll knock your fat ass out of that chair,” I tell him with a scowl.

Finally getting the hint, he returns my look of disdain as the woman sitting on my right snickers in amusement. I look at the dealer, waiting for the next deal. I’ve got more important things to worry about than a drunken, mouthy tourist.

Actually, tonight, there’s only one thing on my mind. Am I going back to my room alone tonight, or will Maverick be joining me? The two of us have been doing a dance for about four months now—our banter ranging from passionate arguments to heated flirting.

Do I want him? Strictly speaking, yes. How could I not? He’s six feet, two inches of dark, muscled sex on skates. I never would’ve thought an ice hockey player could be as sexy as he is, but in the hundred plus days since I met him, I’ve turned into a hot mess. An actual hot mess, my focus suffering because of how hot I am for him.

Just the way he sips his whiskey, licking his lips afterward, makes me clench my thighs together. No one has ever undone me with just a look the way he does. And his voice affects me every bit as much, the deep, silky sound of it tempting me to toss my chips in a trash can and climb him every time we meet in a casino.

Will I live up to his image of me, though? Maverick thinks he and I will be like sexual napalm—an explosive, rare combination that will put all our past partners to shame.

I think his idea of Gia Ford is more grandiose than the reality. Still, there’s a voice in the back of my mind reminding me of all the times he’s told me I’m one of a kind. That I’m not like other women. That I’m fearless and strong. And he’s right on all counts.

“Hey,” the woman next to me says under her breath as she nudges me.


I snap out of my daydream and look at my cards, then check to the dealer.

“Weak,” the cigar-smoking prick next to me mutters.

I just smile. I’ve been in Vegas for nine months now, and I see suckers like him come and go every day. They win some money, think they’re the most lethal combination of smart and lucky to ever grace the Strip, and end up going home broke because they can’t stop betting with the hope of winning more.

I’ve never wanted more. At least not for myself. But since Maverick came to town and set his sights on me, I’ve started wondering…what would more be like? What if I gave in and let him take me to bed, that scruff brushing over every inch of skin on my body? What if, just once, I let go for a night and trusted him to make the decisions?

I can’t control myself when I’m around you. All I can think about is your perfect round ass and that smart mouth. Let me show you how crazy you make me.

Maverick’s words echo in my mind as I tap the table to hit for another card. I don’t even register what it is, my gaze locked onto Maverick and his fixed on me.