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Magnum - A Dark Knights MC - Dirty Angels MC Crossover

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Jeanne St. James

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Out of the dark comes a knight she least expects.
He’s the Sergeant at Arms for the Dark Knights MC. He enforces the rules and gets his hands dirty.
She’s the daughter of a biker. Property of another MC. She’s young. He’s not.
He’s lived a life. She’s just finding her way.
She’s a bad idea. A very bad idea.
One which can quickly turn allies into rivals. One war is over, he’s not ready to begin another.
But the temptation might make it unavoidable.
*****Note: While this interracial/age gap story can be read as a standalone, it’s best to read it after the Down & Dirty: Dirty Angels MC books to know the background of both the H and h. As with all my books, it doesn't have a cliffhanger and has an HEA.
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Jeanne St. James

Chapter One

With a twist of his wrist, Magnum downed the rest of his whiskey, slapped the shot glass on the worn, scarred table in front of him, planted his boots onto the floor and sat back in his chair, crossing his arms over his chest.

He did this all while staring at the young blonde across his bar. That was right, his fucking bar.

He knew she wasn’t scouting.

He knew she wasn’t gathering intel.

Why she would show up at Dirty Dick’s, his club’s bar, he had no fucking clue.

Why she would sit down and make herself at home in the Dark Knights MC hangout, he didn’t know.

While he needed to find out, he was in no rush to see what her angle was. Fuck no, he’d wait a bit and see how it all played out.

His club brothers were eyeballing her, but none had been stupid enough to approach. So far.

Why? Because they all knew who she was. And like Magnum, had no idea why she was there.

But it spooked the ones who knew who her father was. A member of an ally MC, the Dirty Angels.

She was young when Magnum first met her and now, even ten years later, she was still too young.

One good reason to avoid her should be her father being a member of another MC.

Add the fact that she didn’t grow up in that MC. Fuck no, she grew up in a rich neighborhood, attending private schools. Attending a good college.

The problem was, she was his type. Long legs, long blonde hair, green eyes and fair skinned. Not to mention—and hard to ignore—curves in all the right places. So, he couldn’t help but watch her for the past few years. Once she became legal, of course.

Because he did not fuck, or even eye-fuck, jailbait. Never had, never would.

It wasn’t her youth which drew him, anyway. Once she’d matured and filled out, it was those very curves, the confidence she carried and her capture-your-soul green eyes she pointed at him.

But even then, he had only watched her. At poker runs, at the DAMC parties, at the Toys for Tots drives, at Ellie Walker’s fundraisers for the Walker Foundation, which helped needy amputees.

He’d seen her at them all.

But he’d kept his distance. For the most part.

And for good reason.

But why had he caught her attention?

He had no fucking clue. Because they couldn’t be more opposite.

Was she still too young? Fuck yeah.

Did he want her anyway? Fuck yeah.

Was it smart? Fuck no.

But his undeniable interest in Caitlin was a no-fucking-go.

Not unless he wanted to cause a war.

For almost the last decade, shit had settled, and the Knights had made strong allies. Not only with the Angels, but also with the Blood Fury MC up north.

Between the three clubs, they ruled the western half of Pennsylvania. So currently, life was easy.

It wouldn’t remain that way by Cait showing up solo at Dirty Dick’s.

Dawg was protective of his daughters, whether they were five or twenty-five. Whether he claimed them at birth or at almost fifteen.

You did not fuck with a brother’s daughter, whether from your own MC or another’s. At least not without getting permission first.

And if you approached that brother, you’d better be damn sure you planned on taking that relationship seriously. You did not approach a brother just to ask to bang Daddy’s little girl. Fuck no. Not if you wanted to keep, not only your throat intact, but your nuts securely in your sac.

So, it made him wonder why the fuck she walked into his bar and sat at one of his tables.

He waited to see if any of his brothers dared to approach, in case she was there to meet one of them.

What was fucking crazy, she didn’t even scan the room. Not once. She’d walked in, sat at an empty table and, after one of his girls took her order and returned with a drink, she took a long swallow and then stared at it with her eyebrows pinned together.

This did not give him the warm fuzzies. Especially with someone as outgoing and outspoken as Cait.

He raised his hand and motioned Nina over.

Nina hurried over to him, ran her long pointy nails across the skin at the back of his neck and asked, “What do you need, Big Daddy?”

For fuck’s sake, Nina had been trying to get his dick for months now. She wasn’t going to do it by calling him Big Daddy. She wasn’t going to do it at all. Nina wasn’t his type. He did not lean towards females with dark hair, dark eyes and dark skin.

Fuck no.

His tastes ran elsewhere.

His eyes slid back to Caitlin, who’d now almost finished her drink.

He jerked his chin up toward the blonde. “Why she here?”

Nina lifted a slender shoulder. “Didn’t ask. Should I have?” Her claw-like nails dug deeper into his neck.