Ivory Dove (Den of Serpents #2) Read Online Quinn Blackbird

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We are the monsters in your stories.
Vampires, Knights, Fae and Shifters,
All so merciless and bloodthirsty.
But even monsters have things to fear in the dark.
Every day, my powers fight me. They lie dormant within me, somewhere I can’t reach.
I’m failing my final year at the Moon Academy. I have no marriage offers from other Ancient Bloodline vampires.
I only have two things in this fractured world of monsters—an unrequited love for a Knight, a species that could kill me in a heartbeat, and one definitely forbidden to the likes of me; and a branding of shame for my family as I fail them in my lack of power.
Not even my best friend is mine anymore. She’s been stolen by the new girl—one of the students from a rival academy which was destroyed over the break.
That’s our world now. Villages, academies, cities … destroyed.
The Elders tell us all is fine. We should not worry.
But the more I track these events, the better I see a pattern emerge.
And I fear I might be too late to stop what these banished shifters are doing to our world…



* * *


Okay! Turns out I’ve been damned. At least, that’s how it feels.

Weeks into the first semester, and I’ve learned quickly that Penny does not shut up. Not when she’s awake, not when she’s asleep. And tonight, I’ve had enough.

With the strict regiment that Aldon has got me under—the blood ban, the four (or more!) hour training sessions that somehow always end with me flooding the dungeons with pipes exploding, and not to mention that I then miss most of my classes, so have to catch up in the library when I should be resting—I’m inching closer to my breaking point.

Lilith forbid I get a decent five hour sleep in this night. With Penny around, I won’t get a wink of it.

Don’t get me wrong—I have warmed to this Changed Vampire over the weeks. I think it’s the blood ban—it’s … irking me. Feel like I’m always on edge, grinding my teeth, fangs constantly slipping out at the slightest annoyance.

And what’s really tensing me up in this moment, besides Penny’s dreamchat, is Addie.

She sleeps like a dead human through the whole rambling nonsense.

It baffles me… and drives me to the edge of a frenzy.

With a heavy sigh, a grating sound that a part of me hopes will at least stir the girls from sleep but of course it doesn’t, I throw my weighty blankets from my body. I blink once at the curtains that drape all over the roof of my bed, then I throw my legs off the side of the mattress and place my feet flat on the cold floorboards.

Perched on the edge of the fluffy quilt, my eyes narrow on the bed by the window-seat. Lashes lower into my sight, but my ears work just fine.

Penny yammers on about the Solstice again (third time this week).

Reaching around my back, I snatch my silk pillow and pitch it across the dorm. It lands on my target, smacking into Penny’s face. Like each time before that I’ve committed these small attacks against her, she just rolls over and, with the pillow still on her head, speaks still but it’s muffled now.

I’m awake now, anyway.

I won’t find sleep, not before it’s time to get up—and that’s in a couple of hours.

I could roll around bed until the early hours, then go to my lesson with Aldon, or I could get up and head to the library. Maybe make some headway on some papers due next week.

Takes less than a heartbeat’s moment before I’m out of bed, slipping on a pair of flats, and snatching up my backpack.

I heave the strap over my shoulder, feeling the instant weight of books digging into my bone, and I head out.

Passing through the Den, I notice that only three other students are having a rough night’s sleep. It’s as quiet as it could get down here. Two of them sit by the crackling fireplace, reading big old, dusty tomes and scratching notes into their parchment books.

The other—well, he’s sat at the bar, a tumbler of espresso blood (that I can smell so strongly, that I fleetingly think of a Siren calling to a human sailor) loose in his grip. His blackened fingers tap lightly against the rim, and the blood looks untouched, as though he’s lost in thought.

As I move around the bar, he stops me—

Without looking up, Samael asks in his bored drawl, a tone that suggests he couldn’t give two fucks about my answer, “That Changed keeping you up again?”

I stop in my tracks. Lowering my lashes over suspicious eyes, I glower at him. Considering I keep conversation with Samael as few and far between as possible, I know on my beating heart I never told him anything about Penny’s dreamchats. And I sure as hell avoid my brother at the Academy, too.