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His Curvy Girl at the Beach - Insta Love Island

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Frankie Love

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My twin brother’s destination wedding sounds fun in theory — but the bridal party craves chaos.
I’m not having it. I cut out drama years ago after selling my company and walking away from the corporate world.
When I meet Twila, a local waitress, I’m more than smitten.
She’s the one for me.
She’s extra curvy, confident, and best of all believes in love at first sight.
But when a misunderstanding threatens to break us apart — I have to make a choice.
I know what I’m choosing … but does she?
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Frankie Love



The lobby of the Bahamas Grand Hotel is crowded, and yet I still manage to see my twin brother Mark the moment I enter. He raises his beer, walking toward me, grinning.

After selling my company, I’ve been traveling for a year. And one more destination shouldn’t faze me — but it’s not Pole Island itself that I’m dreading.

I haven’t been looking forward to this weekend because I’m here for my brother’s wedding. And I’m not some jaded asshole who has issues with family events in general… it’s because Mark has no business getting hitched. I know for a fact he slept with a woman last weekend at the bachelor party, but I know that’s not where his infidelity ends. So coming here to his destination wedding feels wrong.

“You made it,” Mark says, handing me a beer. “Didn’t know if you’d show.”

“I’m the best man, aren’t I?”

“Yeah, but I know you have opinions on what I’m doing. But Alyssa knows about Vegas.”

“And does she know about your secretary?”

Mark rolls his eyes. “Yes. I’m telling you, it’s an open relationship. She’s cool.”

“Why go to the hassle and expense of the wedding if you don’t plan on keeping your vows?”

Mark groans. “God, Tanner. You’re such a buzzkill. Can you lighten up? Stop being so judgy. Besides, a wedding makes most sense for us financially.”

I run a hand over my jaw, trying to shake it off. I told myself I would mind my own business, but a few minutes into this getaway I’m already asking too many personal questions.

I lift my hands, shrugging. “I’ll stay quiet. Just tell me where to stand on the big day.”

“Attaboy,” he says. “Now, let’s go get you checked in, and find ourselves a real beverage.”

I chuckle. “This beer isn’t real?”

“Hell no. I need hard alcohol to get through this.”

I clench my jaw, refusing to comment, and instead tell him I’ll find him at the bar after I’ve dropped off my bags.

“There isn’t a rehearsal dinner or anything — we’re keeping it low-key before the wedding tomorrow afternoon. We’re going to The Red Crab down on Sunset Beach for dinner. Meet us there?”

I nod, turning to the check-in counter. “I’m Tanner Locke, I made a reservation online.”

An older woman in a peach suit coat smiles at me, typing. Her name tag reads Galy. “Oh, Mr. Tanner, you have an executive suite. You’ll love the view.”

“Great, I’ve never been to Pole Island. I’m looking forward to exploring.”

“Well, you must take this brochure with you. It has a map of the island.” Galy opens it up for me, pointing to Main Street. “There’s Sunny Beach Coffee Shop if you want a delicious morning pastry. Temptation Night Club, if you are a night owl. And you must visit King’s Cloak Falls. It’s the most beautiful waterfall in the Bahamas.”

“Wow,” I say, grinning. “Looks like Pole Island has it all.”

She winks. “And if you find love on the island, you can always stop at Bijoutique to pick out a piece of fine jewelry.”

I chuckle. The idea of finding love seems impossible. I’ve never met a woman who made me want to throw inhibition to the wind and get swept up in a hurricane of love. But God, I’d love to find that.

“Yeah?” I lift an eyebrow. “Do lots of visitors find love here?”

“The lucky ones do,” Galy says. “You know, the Maori seafarers who discovered this place called it Pull Island because they believed a strong current led them here. Maybe the same current has brought you?”

I grin. “I wish. But it’s my brother’s wedding that brought me here this weekend.”

“And you don’t look happy about that.”

“I’m apprehensive about the whole thing,” I admit.

“The wedding or the match?”

“You ask all your guests this many questions?” I tease.

She laughs warmly. “Oh, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to pry. But a young handsome man like yourself in the most luxurious room at the resort shouldn’t be alone, is all.”

“Well, I have no issues with weddings. Hell, I hope to have my own one day. But when I get married, I want it to be for the right reasons, and to the right woman.”

She waves a finger at me, her clear blue eyes sparkling. “Smart man.”

I take the brochure from her, looking at the map for the restaurant my brother mentioned. “How close are we to The Red Crab?”

“It’s not far, just head down the beachfront and you’ll run into it.”

“Any good?”

Galy laughs. “I hope so, my daughter Twila is a waitress there.”

By the time I walk away with a room key, I’ve shaken off my frustration with my brother Mark and have a smile on my face. And when I walk into my suite, the smile turns to a full-on grin. Damn, this room is gorgeous. Pushing open the blackout curtains, I take in the view — turquoise waves crashing against a white sand beach that stretches as far I can see.